Elizabeth Holmes’ Voice – Have You Heard of It?

If you’ve seen any footage of Elizabeth Holmes, you’ve probably noticed her deep voice. Holmes is known for her booming voice and many physical attributes. There are even conspiracy theories surrounding Holmes’s voice. If you’re curious as to how Holmes sounds, watch the video below. The voice is remarkably similar to Holmes’s own voice, and it’s possible that her deep, rich voice is what led to the hysterical conspiracy theories that have surrounded her career.

Although Holmes hasn’t discussed her voice before, her family has said that her voice is deep. Holmes’ grandmother is a lower-pitched singer and is credited for her deep voice. However, Holmes’ voice sounds higher when she’s passionate or slips up. Regardless of what the cause, the change is still worth noting. The question is, “How can you achieve Holmes’ unique voice?”

As a young CEO in a male-dominated field, Holmes has to deal with sexism. She’s often criticized for her lackluster leadership and entrepreneurial skills in her role as CEO of a company. A board member also advised her to “Speak Up”, a phrase that has been used in a traditionally male-dominated industry. While this is a minor criticism, it is worth noting that Holmes has already had a clinical trial with live patients.

Amanda Seyfried, the actress, has admitted that she had practiced using a loud voice before taking on the role. Although she didn’t intend to alter her voice, she did watch the Holmes deposition over and studied the character’s voice. She also sent voice memos to her friends in Holmes’s character. A few people even claimed to have a conversation with Holmes in her character’s voice.

Holmes’ voice was first seen in “The Dropout,” and later in drama in the third season on Hulu. The voice also came into focus in “Green Juice,” which follows the story of Holmes’ life. But her deep voice has been a source of controversy and debate. It has proven to be a versatile acting voice. Ultimately, the actress honed her craft for a series that has gotten her noticed by Hollywood.

While Holmes claims her deep voice was genuine, former employees of the biotech company Theranos claim that it was artificial and that she had to teach herself to speak in a lower register. Her family has consistently denied any intention to change her voice. So is Amanda Seyfried really the Elizabeth Holmes we love and know? The new Hulu miniseries, “The Dropout,” stars Amanda Seyfried as a college student who learns how to be an investigator.

Elizabeth Holmes’ Voice – Have You Heard of It?
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