Embracing the Techwear Look

Embracing the Techwear Look

The techwear aesthetic is one of the hallmarks of modern fashion. With roots dating back to the 1980s, techwear cannot be called a new trend. However, it has definitely taken its place in the spotlight only recently. Simplistic, functional, and extremely mobile, it is the highlight of a young, modern, and vibrant fashion industry.

What Is Techwear About ?

Techwear is very straightforward, with no use for fancy trims and cuts. It is highlighted by a bomb-proof design that is devoid of any unnecessary frills. This ethos of function over form comes from the very start of techwear. Its origin lies in the idea of combining the best expression of functionality and utility in clothing.

In truth, there are many ways to wear techwear, but there are three main requirements: functional space, complete mobility, and strong weather protection.

Techwear clothing does not have to be expensive

The amazing thing about tech wear is that the emphasis on functionality means that entry into the fashion style is not extremely costly. This sets it apart from other unique, currently trending fashion styles. Of course, anyone may wish to go all the way, getting the most authentic and highest quality outfits. There is no shortage of dedicated brands that offer a wide variety of techwear outfits.

However, there is also a massive market for Affordable Techwear Clothing. The market is so saturated with niche labels as well as big-name brands that have embraced the techwear style. From impermeable hard-shell jackets to stylish techwear shoes, there is no shortage of techwear for any budget.

How to Style a Techwear Outfit ?

The aim is to achieve a balance between protection, mobility, and utility. This particular aesthetic is most influenced by retrofuturism, as well as the cyberpunk movement and postmodern urban fashion. The emphasis is on waterproof textiles, breathable fabrics, and high-performance textiles. The style emphasizes the practical aspect of clothes.

Layers of clothing are used to cover the torso, most likely three layers. The outermost layer is all about protection from the elements, so it is always a waterproof fabric in the style of a large, loose coat or jacket. The second layer is for keeping warmth in, and wool sweatshirts are a good choice. The innermost layer is for breathability, and since it comes in contact with the skin, non-irritating materials are required.

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Embracing the Techwear Look

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