Emperor’s New Groove Costume

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An Emperor’s New Groove Costume is a great choice for Mardi Gras parades or Halloween parties. It can be worn by one person, or by a whole royal party. You can also buy a matching crown to complete the look.

A costume inspired by the characters of the Disney movie “Emperor’s New Groove” is a fun way to dress up as one of the movie’s main antagonists. Yzma is a power-hungry adviser to Emperor Kuzco and wants to take the throne for herself. This power-hungry princess also creates comedic situations with her best friend, Kronk. She also claims to be a sorceress. The Yzma costume includes a purple feather headband, which is great to match with your outfit.

A Kuzco costume is another great idea for Halloween parties. Kuzco is the main character of the movie, and is quite sarcastic. He is best known for his famous moment when he throws an elderly man out of a window to show his “groove off”. In the movie, Kuzco assumes that his peasant friend Pacha changed him for revenge after he plotted to destroy his village.

Emperor’s New Groove Costume
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