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Endicott Johnson Employee Benefits

Endicott Johnson employees enjoyed one of the finest employee benefits packages in America. They received shoes for their children, a comprehensive medical plan, free rides on merry-go-rounds and more to name just a few.

The company provided subsidized housing, parks, playgrounds and even a golf course as an incentive for employees to live and work there. This made the area an attractive place to live and work for those employed by the firm.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences in life can have a lasting effect on children and their brains. Promoting healthy development through positive early experiences provides children with strong foundations for learning, behavior and health later in life.

Early years in life are critical for children to develop essential emotional skills like self-confidence, self-regulation, and positive self-belief. Small class sizes with lots of teacher interaction can foster these attributes in a safe and nurturing environment.

George Washington Endicott was born in Platte City, Missouri on January 22, 1855 to Richard B. Endicott and Diza Cartright. On December 25th 1873 he wed Leah Francis Murphy in Ralston Oklahoma where they raised seven children before moving to Oklahoma where they continued their legacy with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

George Endicott, born in Canton, Massachusetts in 1828, began his career as a lithographer in New York City the following year. He joined Moses Swett to form Endicott & Swett from 1830 until 1834.

In 1841, George’s brother William joined the business and it was renamed G. & W. Endicott Lithographers until George’s passing in 1848.

Endicott is one of the most renowned American lithographers, famous for his stone engravings of landscapes and architecture in America. His artwork can be found throughout New York, California, and the Midwest. Furthermore, he was a pioneering figure in the early American railroad industry which had its roots in his firm. Additionally, Endicott had an influential career as an author, editor, and lecturer; his books include The Chinese Revolution and The Far East Newsletter.

Achievements and Honors

George Endicott has served the people of Central Oregon with passion and distinction since becoming Redmond Mayor, delivering an annual State of the City address and spearheading projects such as schools, parks and playgrounds throughout Central Oregon. In addition to that, he’s an outspoken supporter of diversity and equity across Oregon.

He is a recipient of both the League of Oregon Cities’ James C. Richards Award and Oregon Mayors Association’s Mayoral Leadership Award.

He has also been recognized by the City of Redmond for his service and leadership. Currently, he serves on the League of Oregon Cities’ Community Development Committee, as well as being appointed by Governor Kate Brown to her Regional Solutions team for Central Oregon.

In 1999, the School of Sport Science & Fitness Studies introduced one of New England’s first NASSM-approved Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degrees for Endicott College undergraduates. This 126 credit program draws more than 200 majors eager to join today’s competitive sports fields.

Personal Life

George Endicott was born in Platte City, Missouri on January 22nd 1855 and wed Leah Francis Murphy in 1873.

George worked in the shoe industry for many years before relocating to New York with his wife and ten children.

His family moved around a lot, so he got to know many different people. At eighteen years old, the company sent him to Binghamton in upstate New York as superintendent of a shoe factory.

The company, which produced shoes and boots primarily, was one of the nation’s largest shoe manufacturers. It became renowned for its Square Deal towns where workers were encouraged to live in neighborhoods with high standards of living and access to various amenities. Through this initiative, capital and labor relations were improved in upstate New York.

Net Worth

George Endicott was born into a family of industrialists. His father and grandfather built the Endicott Johnson Company, an upstate New York shoe manufacturer that was once a national leader in footwear production. Additionally, it was one of America’s welfare capitalists – businesses known for providing generous labor policies to employees.

George Endicott died in 1952 with a net worth of $500 million, leaving behind an immense legacy that still affects the lives of those employed at Endicott Johnson today. Sal Poliziano – a retiree from Endicott who was there when the Square Deal first started – says the business values loyalty to its company; he and other workers still sing the Endicott Johnson song at the end of each workday.

Endicott Johnson

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