Epic Seven – Help Young Villager

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The Help Young Villager quest will give you access to optional regions, including The Lost Lands. To complete the quest, you must first complete the side story Visitors from Another World. This quest will give you the necessary items to complete all challenges and earn rewards. Once you have completed this quest, you will have access to the Token for the Chosen, an event currency. In this quest, you will also become a hero and help a young villager become a star.

The plot of the epic seven is an interesting one, with each character becoming a more developed person. In a story about peasants in ancient Japan, the peasants must protect their village from samurai. They have lived a passive lifestyle for years, and fighting for the village is a way of breaking this tradition. However, the samurai are used to fighting for honour.

Mwindo’s quest begins when he meets Mukiti, a serpent spirit that is the husband of the villagers’ mother. The young villager has to grow a banana tree and harvest the fruit from it, and to prove his worth to Muisa. Muisa’s maidens witness the encounter and report it to her. Shemwindo’s aunt then comes back and retrieves her drum from her house. After she slashes open the drum, she orders the young villager to go to Aunt Iyangura’s house, where the two will make an important decision.

Epic Seven – Help Young Villager
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