4 Common EV Charging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

EV Charging Mistakes

Did you know you can damage your electric vehicle by the way you charge it?

Whilst it’s great having an electric vehicle that saves money on gas and helps the environment, you still want it to be efficient. Otherwise, you’re just burning a hole in your wallet.

Most EV owners don’t realize that you can damage the vehicle just by charging it. If this happens, it can affect performance and cost you a fortune in repairs.

So in this article, we’ll share four of the most common EV charging mistakes you need to avoid.

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1. Letting the Battery Level Get Too Low

It’s important to develop good charging habits for your vehicle to protect the battery.

Ideally, you want to keep the battery level between 20 and 80%. If you regularly let it drop too low (under 10%) then this will reduce the lifespan. So, you should ensure you keep a regular eye on your battery’s charge level.

Don’t worry if you occasionally run it too low, as this won’t make much difference.

2. Using Rapid Charging Too Frequently

It’s true that rapid charging is really beneficial and can make life a lot easier. But, using rapid Ev charging too often can result in your battery suffering an early death.

This is because rapid charging results in the battery significantly overheating. As a result, this damages the cells especially if it’s a common occurrence.

To prevent this, you should avoid using rapid charging stations on a daily basis. Instead, use them occasionally or only in emergency situations.

3. Not Using the Vehicle for Long Periods of Time

All types of vehicles with batteries need to be used regularly to avoid problems.

If you don’t use your electric unicycle for a prolonged period of time, the battery will wear down quickly. A prolonged period of time is usually generally a month or more.

So, if you need to work from home for a while, remember to take it for a quick spin a few times a week.

4. Avoid Driving Too Fast

This last tip is general advice to help increase your EV range.

To get more miles from your vehicle, opt to drive on national roads with a lower speed limit. This is because whilst driving fast, air friction increases meaning the car uses more battery.

So if you do this often, you’ll find yourself using EV chargers much more regularly.

Common EV Charging Mistakes You Should Know

We hope this guide has been useful and you have learned the most common EV charging mistakes.

As you can see, there are many errors EV owners make when charging their vehicles. To avoid falling into the same pattern, take the advice we have shared with you. This way you can prolong the life of the battery and save yourself a small fortune in replacements.

Finally, check out the rest of our blog for useful travel tips.

4 Common EV Charging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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