Every Joke I Make Is A Cry For Help

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Is every joke I make a cry for help? It could be. It could be a joke to hide your despair, or a joke that indicates that you are suicidal. If you feel that you make jokes frequently, seek professional help. You should also get support from friends and family, and confront the person who makes these jokes. If they continue, you should seek help immediately.

In times of crisis, laughing and playing a funny song can help a person deal with the situation. Laughter boosts endorphins and improves our mood. In addition, laughter helps reduce pain levels, which can lead to depression. So, laughing can help you deal with your depression symptoms. Not only that, laughing is good for your mental health. And, who knows? It may help someone else in the same situation.

Suicidal people often mention their thoughts of suicide to those around them, according to the Crisis Center, a Canadian mental health hotline. Studies also show that 80 percent of suicidal people mention their intentions to someone else, making the topic of dark humor more acceptable than ever. Dark humor has become more popular on social media, especially among the younger generation. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in all age groups, and second in the world for people between ten and 34.

Every Joke I Make Is A Cry For Help
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