Exciting New York City Startups to Watch

Exciting New York City Startups to Watch

You’ve probably heard that New York City is a hotbed for innovative startups across industries like fintech, biotech, and more. As a hub for business and technology, NYC offers startups access to world-class talent, venture capital, and resources to grow. If you’re interested in emerging companies, here are some exciting NYC startups you should have on your radar.

Check Out Catalyst Software

Catalyst Software is one to watch in the software space. Founded in 2019, Catalyst builds tools to help developers code faster and better manage the software development process. Their main product is an AI-powered autocomplete tool that suggests whole lines and blocks of code to developers in real time. This automates simple coding tasks, so developers can focus on solving bigger problems. Catalyst’s mission is to augmented software developers with AI just as electricity, computing hardware, databases and open source libraries have in the past. You’ll want to follow this startup as they aim to fundamentally evolve software creation.

Learn About Offchain Labs

If you’re into blockchain technology, Offchain Labs is doing innovative work harnessing the speed of traditional computing to make decentralized networks faster. They created Arbitrum, a network that runs on top of Ethereum to increase speed and scalability. Officially it is known as the Arbitrum Layer 2 Ethereum blockchain. Big names like Reddit and Uniswap have already adopted Offchain’s technology. With crypto adoption growing exponentially, Offchain Labs has enormous potential as they address one of the main pain points holding back decentralized networks.

Dig Into Giant Machines

Giant Machines is merging AI and robotics to automate supply chain fulfillment in warehouses. Their systems use computer vision and deep learning to enable robots to handle tasks like picking, packing and sorting – jobs normally requiring human workers. Massive companies like Target rely on warehouses and supply chain operations to function. Giant Machine’s robotic automation could massively benefit these players while allowing human workers to handle more high-level responsibilities. As the pandemic made hiring warehouse labor harder than ever, Giant Machines offers a solution that could revolutionize fulfillment.

Other Steps to Take to Familiarize Yourself With Up-and-Coming Startups

Social media and networking are some of the best ways to learn about new startups to watch. But, there are other steps you can take to learn about new companies as well. This includes:

Join Startup Newsletters

Subscribe to email newsletters from startup-focused publications like Crunchbase, AngelList and Product Hunt. These sources routinely profile up-and-coming companies in major hubs like New York. Getting startup newsletters delivers briefings on funding rounds, new products and influential founders right to your inbox. It’s an effortless way to stay on top of promising early-stage companies, so you can evaluate opportunities to get involved.

Browse Startup Pitch Events

If you want to witness startups selling their visions live, NYC hosts various pitch events you can attend. At Startup Grind events, fledgling companies present to panels of investors and industry experts, getting invaluable feedback. Founder Institute chapters also host pitch nights. Attending these allows you to critique business ideas yourself and spot potential rising stars. As a spectator, you’ll gain insight into what investors look for in viable startups. Or get inspired to workshop your own business concepts.

Volunteer as a Startup Mentor

If you have business, technology or leadership skills to impart, volunteer to mentor at one of NYC’s many startup incubators. Unity Innovation Hub, The Entrepreneur Place and Greenhouse guide early-stage companies on strategy, marketing and more. Lend your know-how to founders for a few hours per week so they can refine their ideas and avoid rookie mistakes. You’ll get the reward of helping push innovative companies forward while learning about fresh concepts and enthusiastic founders along the way.

Keep an eye out for Catalyst Software, Offchain Labs and Giant Machines as emerging startups to watch in New York City. But also tap into the city’s vibrant startup community events, news and networks to discover the next big things across industries. By scoping out promising early-stage companies now, you’ll get exciting in on the ground floor.

Exciting New York City Startups to Watch
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