Facts About the Merle Rottweiler

The Merle rottweiler is a stunningly beautiful breed. Their fur is strikingly beautiful. This breed is great with children and pets. However, they need a large home because they can grow to 22 inches in height and weigh between 50 and 100 pounds. They have short coats and require weekly brushing and minimal shedding. Here are some facts about Merle rottweiler.

The merle gene is responsible for several heritable health issues in merle dogs. One of these health issues is blue eyes. Interestingly, purebred Rottweilers can also have this gene. It can be inherited from both parents or from one parent. The merle gene comes from both parents, but when inherited from one parent, the effect can be minimal and temporary. On the other hand, a dog that has two merle copies can develop a severe health condition.

The American Kennel Club recognizes three colors of Rottweilers. Rottweilers have a black base color, with markings that range from rusty to mahogany. Black is not the dominant color in the Merle rottweiler, unlike other colors. These markings are often darker and can extend to the nose or cheeks. Nonetheless, these characteristics don’t guarantee that your Rottweiler will have the black coat you love.

The Merle rottweiler should have triangular chest markings. They should be higher on the neck than the back, giving the breed a strong arched eyebrow look. The merle rottweiler should also have a color stripe that runs the length of its muzzle. The stripe shouldn’t touch the bridge of the nose, as this would disqualify it. It should not be less that 10% of the dog’s body color.

Dogs with N/N/## have the Merle coat pattern. The number of merle alleles in the dog and the presence of a black pigment in MC1R will determine the amount of dilution spots. Two copies of the smaller allele sizes will show very little Merle pattern or none at all. However, two copies of the larger allele sizes will result in a striking dilution/white pattern.

The Blue-eyed Rottweiler is a different breed than the brown-eyed. This gene is responsible for causing blue eyes in the breed. It is also known by the phantom Merle. This gene is short and produces a grayish-blue base coat with black markings. Although rare, it is possible to have a Rottweiler with blue eyes.

While red and white are not considered the standard colors of Rottweilers, they are still beautiful. If you are looking for a rare-colored Rottweiler breed, it is likely that it was crossbred with another breed. Although it is possible to find a Rottweiler red merle in a litter, it is unlikely that it is a purebred dog.

The Merle rottweiler is a large dog and needs a large yard or farmland to live in. The Aussie and Rottweiler are friendly and independent dogs, but their temperaments are very similar. An Aussie Rottie is a loving and energetic pet that will make a great family pet. They are an excellent choice for active lifestyles and have a wonderful temperament.

Facts About the Merle Rottweiler
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