Fallout 76 Second Helpings Guide

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In Fallout 76, you can find meat from Brahmin (a cow-like creature). You can kill it and cook it at a Cooking Station from a previous quest. Cooking steak will end the quest, and you will receive ammo and medicaments. Additionally, the quest will give you crafting plans. You can also use the meat to make other recipes. During your quest, you should travel around Flatwood and kill Brahmin to obtain the ingredients you need.

In Fallout 76, the Second Helpings quest begins immediately after Thirst Things First. You must find the Reverend Delbert Winters, who lives in a trailer on the southern side of Flatwoods. You will also need to search his terminal, which contains training instructions for new recruits. The quest is easy to complete once you’ve acquired the proper skills and gear. However, if you’re having trouble finding him, IGN’s Fallout 76 Wiki Guide can help you out with the quest.

The Fallout 76 Second Helpings quest follows the same format as the previous Fallout games, with a few additions. The game doesn’t have NPCs at the beginning, but they’ll be added later in the Wasterlanders DLC. In Second Helpings, you must find Reverend Delbert Winters and enter his trailer to inspect him. After doing so, you’ll receive a reward of Wood and Tinker’s Workbench Plan. You’ll also get random ammo and aid items.

Fallout 76 Second Helpings Guide
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