Fallout New Vegas Character Guide – Veronica Santiago

Veronica Santiago is a smooth-talking Fallout New Vegas speaker. This smooth talker is a debtor of the Grecks. As the first person to speak with Grecks, Santiago is sure to impress. She has been playing the game for longer than any other character. Santiago will make you feel like a sexy babe, whether she is telling the truth or letting her sexy side shine through.

Veronica Santiago is a scribe in Fallout: New Vegas

Veronica Santiago is a scribe in the Fallout: New Vegas video game. The main purpose of a scribe is to record the events of a game. Veronica is a companion in Fallout: New Vegas. She joins your party when the game starts. She is a great companion in many ways. Besides being very helpful, she is also very loyal to you.

Grecks is her debt

The Grecks, a lazy, ghoul-like creature, are Fallout San Diego’s only enemy. Francine Garret, Atomic Wrangler Casino, is the reason Grecks exist. If you make fun of Grecks or insult them in any way, they will be hostile. Grecks will be hostile if you make fun of them. You can intimidate them by using the Terrifying Presence perk. Once you return to consciousness, he will become friendly. He will not tolerate any insults.

She is a smooth talker in Wang Dang Atomic Tango

The quest “Smooth Talker Wang Dang Atomic Tango”, which will help you meet interesting people in Fallout San Diego, is a great way to meet them. You will need to find three prostitutes and give them money. The reward for each recruit is cash, and the amount can be increased by using a barter check. This quest is similar to the “Michael Angelo” quest. Find new entertainers to perform at Tops Casino.

Fallout New Vegas Character Guide – Veronica Santiago
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