Fallout New Vegas Mods – Rex

In Fallout New Vegas, the player character can adopt a dog named Rex as a companion. This robot-dog has several robotic features, including interchangeable brains and a bad combat milk. This robot-dog can detect disguised assassins.

Rex is a companion in Fallout: New Vegas who will growl at his enemies, especially if he’s wearing a hat. Rex can also be trained to be passive. Occasionally, he will bark or curl his tail after the player character has manipulated his inventory. This may be a good strategy for gaining Rex’s trust, though he will most likely growl at you if you’re wearing a hat.

In Fallout: New Vegas, Rex has eight permanent companions and two companions that are legitimately acquired. The Cursor Lucullus will grant you access to The Fort. You can also implant the brain of Violetta to Rex, which will grant him extra speed.

This mod is compatible with both Rex and Rey. Rex and Rey can be swapped at the medical station. The former will double Rex’s bite damage while ignoring the target’s DT. The latter, meanwhile, gives Rex +10 DT, +35% fire and energy resistance, and regeneration.

Fallout New Vegas Mods – Rex
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