Fallout New Vegas Vault 22 Guide

The infamous Vault 22 was the home of scientists tasked with creating fast-growing, resilient plants. The scientists were dedicated to ending hunger around the world. However, they failed to consider the dangers associated with their experiments. The vault became infested with uncontrollable fungus that vegetized the vault’s entire staff. Locals called the only survivors “Coughers” after the attack. The survivors fled to nearby settlements and escaped. The former residents then captured and cannibalized the Zion Canyon residents.

While exploring the vault, players must watch out for various enemies. A green humanoid, which hides in plants, is the first enemy. They can be eliminated by shooting at them with a flamer. However, if you happen to come across one, it’s best to use melee weapons when attacking them.

Vault 22 is a location in the Mojave Wasteland that contains a Vault-Tec Corporation vault. It houses rare items like Cave Door Keycards and Spore Carriers. You will also find a giant mantis in the vault. This could be a glitch in your game.

The Vault 22 wiki has joined forces with another wiki on the Fandom network. The Vault is located in the Mojave Wasteland, which is home to several plants and wild animals including giant mantises. It is located west of The Thorn. This Wiki offers many resources to help players survive this game.

There are many ways to save your life after Fallout. One option is to use the Hepa cartridge filters. This will kill any reanimated bodies and eliminate all fungal spores. You can also use a bomb to destroy the vault’s data.

As with any game, you need to collect the appropriate items in order to complete the quest. You can find these items in the game or buy them in other places. You can purchase more vault jumpsuits if you have enough. But make sure that you do not spend more than one vault jumpsuit.

A Vault 22 keycard can be found in the overseer’s office. There is also a First Aid Box in the clinic. The vault door can be opened once you have the keycard. The keycard is found on a metal shelf. This is the key to unlock the Vault 22 data.

Fallout New Vegas Vault 22 Guide
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