Fixing the Error Fastboot: Boot Partition is Smaller Than Boot Image

If you keep getting the error fastboot: boot partition is smaller than boot image, then there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. Depending on your device, you may need to install custom firmware, or you may need to flash a patched version of the original boot image. The good news is that there are some easy ways to fix this error without having to spend a lot of time or money.

The first thing you can do is fix the boot image by changing the size of the boot partition. Usually, this issue will disappear after a few tries. If you’re using a custom firmware, such as LineageOS, you can extract the boot image and flash it with Magisk or other PC software. You can also use a command-line utility to perform a root operation in order to fix the error.

If you’re using a custom firmware, you’ll need to fix this error with the right type of software. If your device is using a custom firmware, try installing a custom boot image. Once you have the correct boot image, extract it and flash it with a tool like Magisk. It’s also possible to use PC tools, such as Platform Tools, to perform the necessary steps to repair the error.

If you’re trying to install a new custom firmware, it’s worth looking at the boot image and trying it in a separate PC. This will ensure the correct boot image is flashed and prevent the fastboot error. If you’ve already downloaded and installed the custom firmware, you’ll want to make sure that the boot image is the right one. If that doesn’t work, then try to find another boot image. You can use the same process to fix this error.

If the error persists, try a different boot image. Android 12 and higher support flashing ramdisks. You can also use Platform Tools to flash your custom firmware. Afterward, use the fastboot tool to extract the correct boot image. If this doesn’t work, you can use Magisk to perform the reimage. After the reimage, the phone will start booting normally.

Fastboot: This command allows you to access the system and the operating system. This command is integrated with the bootloader and the fastbootd. It’s important to note that some commands work differently depending on which one is used to install the custom firmware. It’s vital to ensure that the boot partition is the correct size for your device. By flashing the correct image, you’ll be able to avoid the error and enjoy a smoother and faster operation.

Using Magisk is a better alternative for systemless root. The ramdisk is a small, custom firmware that you can install. Then, you need to flash the correct boot image. Once the error has been fixed, simply extract the recovery image and flash it using Magisk. Then, use the adb command to read the vendor boot header. Once you’ve done this, you can now use the new ramdisk image to start your Android device.

The boot image must be smaller than the boot partition. This can be fixed by extracting and flashing the ramdisk and then using the correct ramdisk. If you’ve installed a custom firmware, you’ll need to install the ramdisk with Magisk. This command will help you to reinstall the custom firmware. If the error continues, you can try to use the systemless root method to root your device.

If you’re having a hard time installing the new firmware on your Android device, you can try the method above. During this procedure, you should remove the boot partition. You can then flash the ramdisk. Then, use the fastboot command to merge the recovery and fastboot. If you have a large space on your device, you should do the first one. You’ll then be prompted to flash the recovery and the other one.

Fixing the Error Fastboot: Boot Partition is Smaller Than Boot Image
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