Forge of Empires Negotiation Helper

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Forge of Empires’ negotiation helper is a tool for players to increase their chances of success in the game. It was originally used to progress through the guild expedition. Now, it is a critical skill to succeed in Feudal Japan’s settlement market. Although it is largely based on luck, it can be mastered with logic. A guide can help you get started in negotiation and will increase your speed. This mini-game features five chiefs with a variety of goods to choose from. The player has three to four chances to choose a particular good for each chief.

It also offers keyboard shortcuts that can be used to help players choose recommended goods. It also calculates which provinces are being attacked by players who don’t use it. It then assigns provinces to GBG pins. The final function is the fixing of GBG pin targets. You can turn off these features from the extension’s settings page. Below are some of the most popular features of the extension.

Forge of Empires Negotiation Helper
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