Four holiday spots for couples to explore this weekend in the U.S


While you can send flowers of affection or host a romantic dinner at home to make your better half feel special, a change of venue can ignite the fires of love to a whole new level. There’s nothing that draws couples closer than traveling together, exploring new destinations, and creating memorable travel diaries.

The U.S. offers numerous romantic getaways to rekindle relationships – from the deserted wilderness and rocky shores to tropical beaches and quaint wineries. The best couple destinations in the USA include glamorous cities and towns ripe for romance and provide opportunities to discover something new.

The abundance of romantic getaways will most certainly leave you and your partner with an unquenchable wanderlust every time you return from the trip to the USA.

However, with tons of hot spots, it’s challenging to pick a few destinations and crown them as the best places in the U.S. And since no two relationships are the same; therefore, no two romantic escapades should be the same during your holiday.

So, get yourself a glass of champagne, lean back, and take the ideas for your next holiday from this guide:

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Sometimes it feels good to avoid the bustling streets and crowded areas. Therefore, begin the holiday trip by holding hands together and walking down the tranquil Little Pigeon River.

If the passion for thrilling adventures unites you and your partner, then don’t forget to make a stop at one of the world’s best-known theme parks, Dollywood. Try rollercoaster rides such as wild eagle and Tennessee tornado and enjoy rip-roaring fun.

After discovering and exploring new places during the holiday vacation, your body needs time to unwind and ease off. Therefore, book a staycation by renting pigeon forge cabins to enjoy the weather and relax in a serene environment fully.

That way, both of you can get wrapped up in your fairytale romance and indulge in indoor fun activities.

Lastly, end your night on a good note by arranging a dinner with a touch of musical performance. Relish the taste of salmon avocado salad or enjoy the hand-cut spicy steaks at Alamo Steakhouse.

Plus, you can check out The Comedy Barn that never disappoints and elevates the mood with clean humor.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

If both of you wish to enjoy awe-striking sights and astounding views, then Cathedral Ledge is a perfect choice. Not only this, but this place also allows the newly-wed couples to cash in on the breathtaking views and get their marriage photoshoots done.

Whether you have just initiated your love affair with wine or are a casual wine lover, Seven Birches Winery offers insights into the production. Situated at Loon Mountain, the staff here allows the visitors to taste wine every day.

Another worth-visiting spot in the White Mountains is the winter phenomenon, Ice Castles. Constructed by professional ice artists with their hands, this place is full of ice-carved slides, frozen thrones, and maze-like tunnels.

Even if you and your partner aren’t fans of “Frozen,” the interactive attraction can provide an exceptional experience. And the best part? The place offers apple cider juices and hot chocolate to keep the visitors warm.

Moreover, check into Mt. Washington Auto Road to enjoy a phenomenal and one-of-a-kind driving experience. The eight-mile-long road attracts visitors by its altering weather, strong breeze, and sweeping sceneries.

However, if you or your significant other have a faint heart, then consider taking with you a guided tour for this adventure.

Savannah, Georgia

Your trip to the U.S. is incomplete if you haven’t visited Savannah with your significant other. The iconic architecture, lively streets, charming cabins, magnificent parks, and more are perfect destinations for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

In addition, each place has charismatic vibes inextricably linked to it so that your mind won’t fail to recall any time in the nearest future.

The city is famous for its romantic places, but the people are also known for their hospitality. So start your magical evening by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride all the way snuggling with your partner. The ride offers you to explore historic architecture, the riverfront, and many other sought-after attractions.

What could be more romantic than a bit of time together with your partner indulging in a soothing spa experience? So stop by Magnolia Spa to enjoy an exquisite full-body massage and skincare treatment.

Moreover, take pleasure in exploring the city’s historic River Street. And you can enjoy a walk to the antique shops, bars, restaurants, and art galleries the whole day in the astounding street.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Couples who love to cuddle in a cozy blanket and watch the setting sun can find their dream come true in Bar Harbor.

A holiday vacation to this captivating city will indeed provide you with a breath of fresh air because the town is built on Mount Desert Island. It offers artistic shops, historical museums, and long trails for a relaxing walk.

If you wish to come close to nature, then plan a drive at Cadillac Mountain and witness orange, red, and purple mist at the crack of dawn.

Spend the evening by going for an energizing hike and later drive to the road along the Acadia National Park. However, ensure to bring along with you a picnic hamper.

Also, you can visit the Abbe Museum to learn about the tradition, history, and culture of the Wabanaki people. The museum showcases interesting artwork pieces and offers educational programs, workshops, and archeology classes.

And while you roam and explore this museum, check out the Indian Market to shop for bespoke jewelry and artsy objects.

The best time to visit Bar Harbor is right after Labor day, as streets go quiet and the beautiful weather persists. The calm and pacific vibes Pine Tree State gives off will make you yearn to revisit this place.

Final Words

These best vacation spots probably might have motivated you to pack your bags right away and spend precious time with that special someone. After all, who doesn’t wish to soak up nature and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with their significant other?

Either you both are fond of the outdoors, share a passion for the beaches, or appreciate different cultures, the U.S. has undoubtedly got you covered. From snow-capped mountains and beautiful beaches to magnificent coastlines and red rock forests, the country has many romantic spots to bask in nature.

The best of the U.S. often lies in these no-name towns. Explore your favorites and have an exhilarating experience in quirky diners, small shops, and cozy cafes. And while you hit these incredible places, don’t forget to take a stroll at lesser-known areas, too.

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Four holiday spots for couples to explore this weekend in the U.S

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