Funny Ways to Make Fun of the Denver Broncos

There are many ways to laugh at the Denver Broncos. The most common is to refer to the players in terms of high and low. It is not unusual for Denver fans to refer to Thunder and Miles in the same way. But recently, Centennial cops were pulled over for a Broncos paint job on a car. They claimed it was against city and state laws. Here are some examples of funny ways to make fun of the Broncos.

The Denver Broncos are not the best team in the NFL. They have lost 41 games in five seasons and 48 games over 48 years. They’ll be swept by a club in Washington (the name of which is unknown) in the October game. This means they’ll be irrelevant to the NFL landscape come November. The Broncos have had two coaches and five primary quarterbacks. What is the funny part?

Denver firefighters put out an early-morning fire near the East Club Lounge. The fire was quickly put out by firefighters and was not too serious. Fortunately, the fire was contained before it could spread and damage the venue. The area was evacuated to protect the public. The fire caused a huge smoke cloud to billow from the stadium. Firefighters worked feverishly to put out the fire, and by the evening of the game, it was out.

Funny Ways to Make Fun of the Denver Broncos
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