5 Game-Changing Benefits Of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring

Choosing between the various types of flooring can become a complicated process. You know what kind of design you want and where to get it, but which one is right for you? One of the options in front of you is hybrid flooring, which builders across the country claim are the flooring of the future.

It is a combination of vinyl and lamination. The best of both materials were used to create the hybrid flooring that you see today. If that is not enough to make your choice easy, the following 5 game-changing benefits of hybrid flooring will.

1. Hybrid Flooring Is Waterproof – One of the biggest downfalls of laminate and wood flooring is that they are not waterproof. Hybrid flooring is waterproof. In fact, it is so waterproof that you could throw it in a pond for a week or so, and when you retrieve it, it will not have swollen. Give it a quick rub down, and it is ready to be used. That is pretty impressive when you consider how much liquid and moisture the typical household has to deal with daily.

2. Durability Of Hybrid Flooring Is Exceptional – If you have lots of foot traffic, such as children that like to run around the house, you will not find a flooring option that is any better. Plus, if you have any pets that have claws on their feet, such as a rambunctious puppy, they will not get scratched. Hybrid flooring can stand up to the abuse the average household carries out and even beyond.

3. Hybrid Flooring Is Environmentally Friendly – Today, the majority of the world is well aware of the damage they are doing to the world. Anything that can reduce the footprints left behind is a good thing and is sought out by consumers everywhere. Hybrid flooring is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available because of the materials that make up its composition.

  • Recycled wood
  • Bamboo dust
  • Limestone
  • Virgin PVC

4. Cleaning Hybrid Flooring Is A Breeze – There is no need to use strong chemicals on hybrid flooring because a broom and mop are all you need. Regular cleaning keeps the floor great looking, and since the flooring is waterproof, you can use a mop to make the floor genuinely shine. It may not seem like a huge game-changer to you, but many who have no time to clean during the day find it a blessing that cannot be overlooked.

5. Hybrid Flooring Is Human And Kitchen Proof – One of the wettest and greasiest places in your home is undoubtedly the kitchen. Hybrid flooring is the perfect choice for the room and in every other room where human traffic is present. This type of flooring has been designed to put up with a beating. The beating that your family can give to it throughout the day.

It may seem like hybrid flooring is an option similar to the other types available, but it is not. By far, this flooring is the best choice for your home, and it is a game-changer that has created a stir within contractor ranks. Contractors love materials that make their lives easier while making their customers happy.

It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and it has looked good for years. What could be better for a savvy contractor that wants to get referrals for a job well done? Suppose you want repeat business for their floors. In that case, you should not go with a hybrid floor because you will end up going broke while waiting for the opportunity to replace the flooring for them again.

5 Game-Changing Benefits Of Hybrid Flooring

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