Gaming Grips: Do I Need Them?

Gaming Grips

If you consider yourself a serious gamer then you should have more than a few pairs of gaming grips. Whether you use a mouse or a controller, grips provide you with better speed and accuracy. Every gamer knows that these grips are a necessity if you’re an intense and competitive gamer. Several pros have started using grips long ago when they first arrived on the scene as a way to be more precise and give their controllers more durability since grips not only protect you as the gamer but also function as an extra layer of protection for your controller. While all of this may sound good, you’re probably wondering if you should invest in a couple of pairs yourself.

Does it matter how often I play?

How often you hop on a game doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a live streamer, enjoy playing online with friends here and there, or only get on once or twice a week on random downtimes you may have, you need to use gaming grips. Anytime you use your mouse or controller, after a certain amount of time you start to notice the sweat from your palms causing slippage and getting in the way of being able to play comfortably. There’s nothing worse than losing control over sweat, especially when things get more competitive. Another effect that occurs from sweaty hands is that your controller will end up with a few scratches and bumps every time it slips and hits the floor. To keep your game and controller protected, invest in grips. Lizard Skins gaming grips are some of the best-manufactured grips at an affordable price that makes the purchase worth it.

How to choose the proper grip

So how do you know which grips are the best ones for you? When shopping around, you want to be sure that the grips aren’t adding more weight to your controller since that can alter the way you play. Be sure that the design comes with texture for the best feel and control. You’ll also want to check for the type of adhesive used. If made poorly, the grips will slip right off, if made with a strong backing, it may be rough trying to get it off and leaving residue behind. The right type of adhesive will last a long time and can easily be replaced once it’s been used for so long. Places such as Lizard Skins have a large variety of gaming strips to choose from so choosing your favorite color shouldn’t be hard. You’ll want to choose one that reflects your style. As one last tip, you’ll want the grips to be convenient so be sure to read the instructions to be sure it’s something simple. Don’t forget to read reviews from other gamers.

If you haven’t tried a pair of grips, it’s time to invest in at least one pair so that you can see and feel the difference. Once you try it, it will be hard to play without them.

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Gaming Grips: Do I Need Them?

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