Genshin Impact Helper Teams Character Builds

The Genshin Impact Helper Team maintains a Character Builds spreadsheet for the Community, a handy resource that shows recommended builds for any class, as well as information about talent levelling priorities and tips for each class. The spreadsheet also provides a reference to all weapon types and artifact types. It can be used to create custom builds based on your class’ stats or preferred weapons.


Kokomi is a very flexible character with the potential to be an excellent healer, mixed support with DPS elements. She is a 5-star event limited character that can be found in a variety of build configurations. The Everlasting Moonglow, her signature weapon, gives her 608 base ATK and a 49.6% HP increase once she reaches level 90. Kokomi’s energy regenerates when she uses Normal Attacks after her Elemental burst.

The Kokomi character build for Genshin Impact teams will transform her into a powerful healer with flexibility. Her burst damage, hydro application, and Bake Kurage turret will make her very effective in the healer role. Kokomi is best suited as a healer, but depending on your build, she can be very effective in a tank role as well.

Kokomi’s Elemental Burst can increase her normal and charged attack damage during game play. When she hits an enemy, the Hydro application will restore her team’s HP. Moreover, the skill will activate healing after Kokomi lands a normal or charged attack. Kokomi is not like other tank heroes and does not require skill damage to heal his team.

For Genshin Impact, Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst character with a high healer tier. She can apply Hydro with ease and has decent DMG output. Kokomi also has a very handy C1 that can be used to apply Hydro to enemies. Although her main character may not have enough energy to activate her Elemental Bursts, her C1 can make it very powerful.


The Xinyan character build is for Genshin Impact helper groups. It’s versatile and can fill many roles in the game. You can place him alongside a variety characters, including support or burst DPS. As a main DPS, the best team composition for Xinyan is a mix of Electro and Cryo characters. Their combined powers will trigger Superconduct, which is a reaction that makes use of physical damage. A Pyro character can increase the effectiveness and shield abilities of Xinyan. A support role can be performed by Diona or Zhongli, and there are several other options available.

A decent Xinyan character build for Genshin impact helper teams should focus on using elemental abilities. The Xinyan should also equip a good weapon that gives her good damage. A weapon with a high damage rating is a good choice, but not a 5-star Claymore. A Prototype Archaic makes a great crowd control weapon. You can also use the Nobless Obligate to improve her Elemental Burst stats.

The Xinyan character build for genshan impact helper teams should focus on crit damage and attack. A physical DPS build would be too weak to be effective. This character build is a great choice if you’re looking for an offensive unit that can stand alone. The information below will help you find a high-level Xinyan character for Genshin impact assister teams.


Lisa, a sub-DPS character, is a good helper for Genshin Impact. Lisa is a sub-DPS character that excels in stuning enemies with her electro abilities. She also generates energy to increase her attack. Lisa is an excellent choice for a helper team that is focused on dealing massive damage. Here are some of her favorite characters. In addition, you’ll need a sub DPS or support to complete this team.

Lisa is a versatile witch who loves items that are related to the elements. She is also a dedicated librarian who collects late books and takes her job seriously. She even collects them herself! Lisa is a great character for a helper group. Make sure to visit her Genshin Impact Wiki page to see a complete overview of her character’s build.

Lisa should have a tier-1 Elemental stance for a helper team. This is because Lisa has great Elemental DMG and knocks back everyone she hits in range. If she is supported by the right team, her elemental burst can be quite devastating. If you have a good team, she’ll be able to buff any other team members’ ATK with her Elemental skill.


Xinyu, a versatile burst character, can be a great addition to a team if she is played correctly. Her burst is primarily elemental, and she can use her elemental blast to deal damage. Eula can be paired with her for elemental reactions and support. The primary goal of a Xinyan character build is to level her elemental burst, but she can also use her skill for shield protection.

Genshin Impact character building is crucial for success. A 4-star character without the right weapons or artifacts can easily outperform a 5-star one. Compare the various options for weapon and element to ensure your character has the right stats. There are also many character-centric guides available for each character. These guides cover everything from weapon stat priorities to optimal team composition.

Depending on your play style, you can choose from different types. Five-star characters can deal damage. Four-star characters are for healers, designated support figures, and tanks. Noelle is one of the characters that can be obtained through the Wish system. Her first Constellation, I Got Your Back, automatically activates the shield’s healing function and restores HP to the entire party while dealing damage.


Xingqiu is one of the best Sub DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Hydro Sword characters can deal heavy damage off-field, and can heal when needed. This character build is balanced and maximizes the Hydro Sword’s capabilities. Xingqiu’s talents are best used in a team that has versatile members and the right equipment.

Xingqiu is a great fit for the role of helper on a team because of his impressive damage and defense. Xiangling is the main character of this build. The other four members of the team are Chongyun Bennett, Xingqiu, and Bennett. These four heroes possess special abilities that make them very effective in battle. They include reverse melt, freeze, and vaporize.

Xingqiu is best paired with characters with decent Cryo applications. While Freeze teams don’t rely on Xingqiu as much as Vaporize teams do, other Hydro applicators don’t offer the same DMG. Xingqiu can also be used on Taser teams, which rely on Electro-Charged. Xingqiu’s ability to strategically aim for key constellations makes him a powerful helper.

This build is great for Genshin Impact helper teams, but Xingqiu’s best use is with a Cryo or Pyro allie. Xingqiu’s Hydro ability allows him to proc big Elemental Reactions on every hit, making him an excellent choice for a helper team.


If you’re building a team of Xingli support heroes, you’ll want to pay attention to the character stat priorities. While no playable characters can use the Dendro element, you can take advantage of the element’s powerful effect on your enemies by equipping Yae Miko’s weapon, Electro. The Electro element allows you to attack your enemies with a variety elements.

Genshin Impact Helper Teams Character Builds
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