Genshin Impact Helper Team’s Recommended Character Builds

The Genshin Impact Helper Team has created a spreadsheet of recommended character builds for each class. These lists include which talents to prioritize and which weapons and artifacts are best for your class. You can even use this sheet as a reference sheet for weapon and artifact builds for different classes. The spreadsheet also features a list of all available class weapons and artifacts. To maximize your game experience, you can then build a character based on these lists.

Lisa is a sub-DPS class who excels at stun and generation of energy. She’s an ideal fit for a helper team focused on massive damage. Similarly, she’s a dedicated librarian who collects late books. She can maximize the class’ abilities with her versatility and Hydro Sword. She can also be paired up with other teammates who are experts in particular roles.

Xinyan is a great support character build for Genshin Impact’s helper team. High damage and crit damage make her an offensive unit that can be used in any team. She can trigger Superconduct by teaming up with Electro or Cryo allies. This uses physical damage. To enhance her effectiveness, Zhongli or Diona can fill the support roles. Pairing Xinyan with Pyro characters or other support heroes will make her more efficient.

Kokomi is another versatile support role. She can be a great healer or mixed support or DPS. Since she can use Hydro easily, she can help the team with its healing needs. She also has a C1, which is extremely useful when her main character doesn’t have the energy or desire to activate her Elemental Bursts. If you’re not comfortable switching to a different class, Kokomi is a good choice.

Genshin Impact Helper Team’s Recommended Character Builds
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