George Battle

George Battle

George Battle is a lawyer with extensive experience in legal, corporate governance, government and education. He has served as General Counsel of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools since 2010, but will depart the district at year’s end to take up a new position with UNC Chapel Hill.

He was a founding board member of the Greater (formerly Gethsemane) Enrichment Program in Charlotte and served on the Biddleville Five Points Community Council. Additionally, he received both United Negro College Fund Legacy Award and Charlotte Post Luminary Award honoree designations.

Early Life and Education

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s future; after all, the brain develops during these formative years and, if the environment around them doesn’t foster healthy growth, it could have an adverse effect on that process.

This assessment measures social skills, such as how a child interacts with others and their turn-taking capacity.

Studies have demonstrated that a child’s early childhood education can have a lasting impact on their future learning capacity, behavior and physical and mental health. Therefore, it is critical to promote healthy development during these critical years; furthermore, early education has become such an engaging philanthropic cause – particularly in the United States where various initiatives are underway to ensure quality education for young children.

Professional Career

He currently serves as Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and Risk Management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, overseeing key campus functions like central compliance; risk management; enterprise risk management; public safety; environment, health & safety; emergency management; ethics education & policy formulation.

He is an emeritus member of both Atrium Health’s Board of Commissioners and Foundation Board. Furthermore, he has spearheaded initiatives for affordable housing, parks, small businesses and extracurricular programs in underserved communities throughout America.

Bank of America presented Livingstone College with a $500,000 check during their Founder’s Day program to honor his philanthropic work. The funds will help the school continue its mission of providing quality education in business, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Achievements and Honors

George battle has achieved numerous honors and distinctions throughout his life. He is renowned for his leadership skills and bravery, as well as his contributions to the country.

He is renowned for his charitable works. He serves on the Atrium Health board of commissioners and foundation board, as well as being a trustee for Carolinas Healthcare System.

He recently donated $52,000 towards a future chapel at Hood Theological Seminary, an act of faith and loyalty which reflects his dedication and support for the college.

Personal Life

George was raised with privilege, yet his mother Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha instilled him with strict moral values. This legacy left George reserved as a child.

He remained shy and reticent throughout his childhood, but Lord Bute, a close friend, helped him overcome it. Bute also nurtured George’s political interests and was an influential figure in his life.

Battle has achieved great success in his professional career, holding several key positions such as general counsel for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board for nearly a decade and vice chancellor of compliance, risk and public safety at UNC Chapel Hill.

Net Worth

George Battle is a director and 10% owner of Expedia Group Inc, with an estimated net worth of $46.7 million as of 7 August 2020.

He owns over 12,300 shares of Expedia Group stock and earns $324,895 as an independent director. According to his Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2006, he has made 77 trades on this stock since then.

He owns a house in San Francisco, California which he purchased for $17 million in 2014. Additionally, he owns three cars, an SUV, and a motorcycle. Most of his money goes on travel and other expenses.

George Battle

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