George Brazell

George Brazell

George Brazell was a professional photographer and an educator. He passed away in 2001 at the age of 82.

George married Anna Brazell and the two of them worked together for 62 years. They pastored churches, taught in three colleges and developed seminars on marriage that they taught together.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is the first stage in an individual’s educational career. This education covers birth to age eight and can significantly shape an individual’s life.

Educators understand that children are born with impressionable minds that learn through interaction, experiences and opportunities. They also understand that children learn best by having fun.

However, educators are also responsible for helping them develop the skills that they need to succeed in life. The best way to do this is by understanding a child’s psychosocial development and providing the appropriate support at each stage.

In addition to educating children, early childhood educators often work with parents to help them develop their own skills and abilities. This is important because the relationships a parent has with a child can make all the difference in a child’s development.

Professional Career

In his career, george brazell worked as a public relations consultant for Fortune 500s, start-ups, CEOs and high-net-worth individuals. He helped them build dominant brands, navigate change and mitigate reputation crisis and risk.

He also served as a professor at a local university and taught classes in journalism and photography. He and his wife, Anna, purchased a 300-acre farm after their parents passed away.

For him, the most important thing in his professional life was being able to balance work and family. He achieved this by establishing hobbies, nurturing relationships with friends and family and even having pets.

Achievements and Honors

A proud alumni of the University of South Carolina, George was also a member of the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce, the Winnsboro Town Council and Mayor Pro Tem. He was a devoted Gamecock fan and an avid outdoorsman. A dedicated father, husband, brother and grandfather, he will be missed by all who knew him.

Brazell was a jack of all trades who excelled in all facets of his career. He is the proud holder of many awards and accolades. Among his numerous honors was the prestigious Georgia Tech President’s Award for his many contributions to the institution. In short, he was one of the finest educators and human beings I have ever met. The best part of his career was his close friendships with many of his students.

Personal Life

George Brazell had a passion for education. He served as an ordained minister for 60 years, including 35 years in higher education, 23 years in instruction and 12 years in administration.

In his spare time, he was a public speaker and a noted youth camp instructor. He was known for his unique humor and rapport with young people.

George’s wife, Anna, and their two sons, Sylvanus and Theodore, were witnesses for the State at the trial. Their testimony was critical to the case.

George Brazell

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