Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

When we think about home, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the cosiness of our bedroom. At the end of a long work day, there needs to be a place where you can relax and let your stress slip away. The bedroom is your sweet haven tucked away from the stress and chaos of the outside world. It becomes all the more special with proper lighting and interior decoration.

Yes, how you plan the bedroom lighting works well toward offering tranquillity. Proper lighting is essential to make the bedroom comfortable to relax and unwind. 

Finding the right lights for your bedroom is not easy. But it is also not very difficult if you follow proper guidelines. Consider these lighting tips to ensure that your modern bedroom has the perfect mix of positive atmosphere, aesthetics, and peace.

Tips To Consider For Bedroom Lighting

Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

  • Consider The Lightning Type You Need

For many people, the bedroom is where they do their makeup, take their laundry out, read a book, or sit with a coffee mug in the morning. Thus, ensuring your bedroom lighting is aligned with these activities is vital. 

For instance, if you have kept the dressing table in your bedroom, overhead the pendant lights next to the mirror. Adding pendant lights doesn’t only enhance the charm of the decor but also offers high-intensity illumination and proper lighting to apply makeup.

  • Consider How You Want These Lightning Pieces To Work

Deciding where you want to put the lights and how you want them to illuminate matters as much as choosing the type of lamps. So, in the next step, determine the space where the lamp will be installed. Check out the size and ask yourself if you want a light with a narrow base. Do you want a tall lamp with a wider shade?  

For example, when choosing bedside lamps, ensure you select the right size that fits your requirements. Ensure the lamp shines on the reading material and doesn’t hit you square in the eye. Also, check if the lamps provide enough close-range light and are easy to switch off when lying on the bed. 

  • Ensure The Design Of The Lights Match The Room Decor 

Always Ensure Your Lighting Installations Are Synced With The Room Decor.

For example, when you choose lampshades that can be combined with the chandelier, check the decor of the room ceiling. Ensure the chandelier doesn’t look too heavy or too light. 

Or when selecting the table lamps, ensure it is aligned with the room’s general lighting. If you don’t refer to the available lights in the room, you can probably have a mess and over-dramatic lightning. 

Different Types Of Bedroom Lighting

A) Layered Bedroom Lighting

Layered lighting considers multiple sources of lights aligned together to perform specific tasks. The different types of lighting include downlighting, uplighting, LED strip lights, decorative lights and wall lights, which come together to create a layered lighting scheme.

The Major Types Of Layered Lighting Are Ambient, Task, And Accent Lighting.

B) Shaded Chandelier

Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

Chandeliers are one of those lighting elements that were once considered luxurious symbols. However, these lightning pieces now deliver an elegant ambience.

Shaded chandeliers are an amazing solution for bedrooms, diffusing the light to add a calming vibe. This fantastic lighting piece often accommodates six bulbs up to 60W, shielded by a scalloped creamy white linen shade.

C) Ceiling Lights For Bedroom

Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

Ceiling lights, or fixtures, are the type of lights fixed with the ceiling as hanging lights. Such lights present a simple, relaxed solution for ambient lighting. It also creates a base layer of light that brightens a room. 

D) Wall Sconces

Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

This is the wall-mounted lighting fixture that creates the aromatic aura of the space. These lights are compact and save space. Earlier, wall sconces were installed only at the villa gates. However, it isn’t just a source of lighting anymore, but a decor piece.

Dimly Lit Wall Sconces Create An Illusion Of Bigger Spaces. It Looks Amazing On The Room Entrances Or Beside Your Bed.

E) Pendant Lights

Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

Pendant Lighting Involves A Solo Bulb Suspended In The Air As A Spotlight.

If you want to offer a simple and minimalistic look to your room, go for the pendant lights. These lights add an elegant charm while being simple. It can double up as mood lighting and ambient lighting.

Bottom Line

Lighting plays a vital role in boosting your mood and offering tranquillity. It should be considered a functional and aesthetic space. The lamp design you pick decides the ambience and polishes the home décor. 

Well, you know the tips for decorating the room with perfect lighting. Start working out your bedroom decor today, and you will be surprised by the positive aura it’ll bring.

Guide To Lighting A Modern Bedroom

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