The 6 Health Benefits of Cannabis that Everyone Needs to Know

Cannabis Health Benefits

After decades of being considered a dangerous, illegal substance, marijuana is finally being recognised for its health benefits for the mind and body and becoming legalised in various states and countries. This is great news for existing users, as well as for people who have been intrigued by the potential benefits of consuming cannabis products.

Whether you get your cannabis kick from using bongs, hand pipes and rolled joints, or through CBD drops, gummies or capsules, here are some of the benefits you might reap from consuming THC and/or CBD.

Manage Stress and Anxiety

Many people who consume cannabis know that “ahh” feeling of relaxation you get from it. It helps to shift your attention and focus, become more present and helps the feelings of the day’s stresses melt away.

Stress management is important, especially in our modern world where mental health problems are on the rise and people cannot seem to escape their stress. Cannabis products (both THC and CBD) can be a great help in managing stress and limiting the overall repercussions of an overly stressed lifestyle. If you haven’t used these types of products before, start with a low dosage to figure out what makes you feel your best.

Aid in Rest and Recovery

Resting and recovering – two important habits that are linked to our stress levels as well and need to be managed. Getting adequate rest is crucial in order to feel your best, and this can encompass many factors such as recovery from exercise, good sleep and the mental rest you get when you step away from your work.

However, resting when you’re stressed and on high alert all the time can be difficult, which is where the use of cannabis products can help. Marijuana isn’t a magic, miracle, cure-all drug, but rather a tool that you can use to help manage certain aspects of your life.

Pain Management

Cannabinoids are known for helping with pain management too, since they are capable of altering the pain perception pathways in our brains. Dealing with chronic pain (or short-term pain, like headaches and migraines) can be made a little easier with the use of marijuana.

Conditions like arthritis and endometriosis are reportedly less painful to cope with when cannabinoids are consumed. It can also aid in the management of nausea and reduced appetite for chemotherapy patients, which in turn can help maintain a healthy weight.

Inflammation Reduction

In a full-spectrum product, the combination of cannabinoids can be remarkably anti-inflammatory, which can be beneficial in various ways.

First of all, this is a contributing factor to the pain management properties of cannabis. Second, it becomes a great tool for the rest and recovery mentioned, especially since sore muscles after exercise are often inflamed. Finally, this can be beneficial for people who struggle with chronic inflammation in the form of Crohn’s disease, IBS, gastritis and other conditions.

Assisting with Neurological Disorders

Marijuana and cannabis products are sometimes prescribed by doctors in order o help deal with symptoms of various neurological and mental health conditions, including anxiety, epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s, PTSD and Tourette’s.

While marijuana is not a cure for these disorders, it can be helpful in the reduction and management of symptoms.

Improved Sleep

Finally, those who struggle with sleep and even sleep disorders like insomnia know that cannabis can be extremely helpful in this department. The relaxing effects of marijuana compounds can make falling asleep (and staying asleep) far easier for those who struggle to switch off in the evenings.

Reduced pain, anxiety and inflammation can also contribute to better sleep quality and quantity, another instance where credit can be given to cannabis use.

Are There Any Risks?

Of course, there can always be too much of a good thing, and frequent marijuana users should be aware of potentially negative side effects, such as the stimulating effects or on the other hand, depressant effects.

Overstimulation can lead to hyperactivity, difficulty focusing and even increased heart rate, although this response is uncommon. The depressant effects of marijuana are much like alcohol, potentially causing users to hit low moods, especially when coming down from a high.

Final Thoughts

With both the benefits and potential issues associated with cannabis use, it’s clear to see that when used responsibly and carefully, these substances can be incredibly helpful for a multitude of people, and assist in solving many different problems. Try out edibles, drops, or even just a good old hand-rolled joint, and see how it benefits you.

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The 6 Health Benefits of Cannabis that Everyone Needs to Know

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