Help Anisse and Berthold in World of Warcraft

help anisse and berthold in world of warcraft 36436

In order to help Anisse and Berthold, you will have to defeat the guards that are ambushing them. Your mission is to convince Berthold to go. Once you have persuaded Berthold, Triss will lead you to their hideout. There, you’ll need to fight off the witch hunters and kill them quickly. After you have killed them, Berthold will have to be convinced to leave the castle.

There are two parts to this quest. Option one leads you to an optional objective, while option two takes you to the main quest. Choosing option one will lock the romance with Triss, but you’ll need the second to move forward with the storyline. As an aside, you’ll get some extra XP if you help Berthold. You should still be able to play the game. If you are still struggling to find your way through the game’s maze, Berthold or Anisse can help you.

The next area to tackle is the rat pit. This area is full of rats and witch hunters. You can use your witcher senses to find the vampire. Once you’ve located it, you’ll have to follow the passage to reach the exit. You’ll get two hundred XP if you complete this task. It’s a quick way to get some extra XP! Go out and help Berthold and Anisse! You’ll be happy you did!

Help Anisse and Berthold in World of Warcraft
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