Help For Mudsprocket

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If you are stuck in mudsprocket, it might be helpful to get some help. There are many ways to get help with mudsprocket. First of all, you can always go to the repairer. In addition, you can ask other people in the area about the quests they’re currently working on. Another way to get help for mudsprocket is to look in the Wanted board. It is located in the middle of town.

The Den of Flame is located in the northwest section of Mudsprocket. Brogg’s Totem can be used on Firemaw Dragons for Black Dragonkin Essence. You can also find the Stonemaul Banner on the left side of the dead end. Loot the Ogre Remains and kill the Spirits in order to unlock this banner. The ruins are located in the east and northwest parts of Mudsprocket.

Help For Mudsprocket
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