Henry Carling

Henry Carling

Henry Carling took great pride in serving his home community of London. To this end, he secured government contracts for construction of London’s asylum, built on land sold to them back in 1870; and also assisted in setting up mechanics’ institutes across Ontario.

As soon as dual representation was abolished, he declined an opportunity to become lieutenant governor of Ontario as it may impede his ability to effectively represent London area interests.

Early Life and Education

As a member of parliament Carling championed the interests of big business and capitalist enterprises generally. Like Macdonald he believed that large business corporations should be supported through government action or even federal funds if necessary.

He took great strides in London to secure government contracts that benefited his home riding. For instance, in 1870 he secured the incorporation of an insane asylum while 1883 saw a federal grant allow the city to hold a public exhibition.

He also promoted agriculture in Ontario, particularly horticulture. Through public funding he supported the Niagara Peninsula fruit industry while encouraging settlers to settle in Muskoka district. Furthermore, in private life he was known as an avid philanthropist.

Professional Career

Henry Carling has made a name for himself as an artist, selling many paintings at auctions with impressive sale prices and garnering great public acclaim. An expert in both drawing and painting techniques, his repertoire encompasses various styles and subject matters.

At pre-Confederation Legislative Assembly meetings in London, Ontario and Manitoba parliamentarian, he represented his constituents. Furthermore, he wrote articles about Manitoba history for publication.

Carling represented England rugby union internationals during his time with the squad but failed to impress during their 1993 tour of New Zealand due to being overlooked for captaincy; Gavin Hastings ultimately took it instead. Carling went on to play an integral part of England’s 1995 World Cup squad.

Achievement and Honors

Carling’s initiatives in the Commons were intended to foster private business development in Canada. For instance, he submitted to parliament a charter for an enterprise planning to build an underdrain rail tunnel linking Canada with the United States via Detroit River.

He used his parliamentary privileges to bring federal contracts and grants from provincial and federal ministries into his hometown of London, Ontario. He became notorious for taking advantage of this position for financial gain.

Carling went on to establish Insights Ltd, offering motivational seminars for business executives. Additionally, Will Carling Management managed sports hospitality. Carling also joined the Chippewas of Rama First Nation and wrote several books.

Personal Life

Carling was an extreme patriot who boasted that Canada would quickly defeat her enemies. His keen political and business sense made him an influential presence both locally and at federal levels.

At first he served on London City Council and later represented his district of London before going on to represent both dominion and provincial legislatures. Utilizing his position, he used government contracts for personal gain at taxpayer expense.

He went on to become England’s youngest-ever captain, winning 72 caps over nine years. Throughout this period he married twice and had three children from each marriage, as well as having an affair with Lisa Cooke (wife of former Harlequins rugby club captain David Cooke), described by one friend as a slim, attractive blonde. Additionally he enjoyed golf and spending time outdoors.

Net worth

Henry Carling is an acclaimed English rugby union player renowned for his career with Harlequins and England as well as having featured on Match of the Day show. It is estimated that Henry Carling currently possesses an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 Million USD.

He is currently married to Yael Cohen, an South African mining heiress and businesswoman with whom he shares one son. The two have also collaborated on writing several novels together.

Carling’s life seems ideal: an outstanding career, wonderful family relationships and a dream home on Barbados. However, his perfect existence is being clouded by a bitter fallout with Gary Lineker, who felt betrayed when Carling left Ali Cockayne and Henry for Lisa Cooke seven years ago to live there instead of at home with Ali and Henry.

Henry Carling
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