How Accurate Was Lamar Jackson’s 40-Yard Dash?

When asked to rank quarterbacks in terms of their speed, Lamar Jackson finished second. But how accurate is the 40-yard dash? How fast does a quarterback need to be to make it to the NFL? NFL statisticians have been compiling these numbers for decades. While Jackson’s time was far from perfect, he still ranked among the top-100 quarterbacks in the league. Listed below are some of the key statistics from the 2018 NFL Combine that are worth paying attention to.

If you think that running a fast 40-yard dash is important, you’re wrong. Michael Vick ran a 4.55 second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in 2012, which was faster than Cam Newton’s time in 2012. That said, the NFL Combine was largely manual before 1999, leaving room for human error. Lamar Jackson’s time was a little under 4 seconds, but it was faster than the previous quarterbacks in the league.

The best NFL quarterbacks are elite athletes. The best athletes have a strong base of fundamentals. This is no different for a quarterback. Unlike many other players, Lamar Jackson’s ability to make plays in the pocket will make him an exceptional leader. As a result, teams will be able to make the most of him and give them a chance to win the Super Bowl. If he is able to run a 4.44 forty, he’s a great candidate to make the NFL as a backup quarterback.

When it comes to quarterbacks, Lamar Jackson has a distinct advantage over his peers. A prototypical NFL quarterback can’t sprint as fast as Jackson, but he excels in other ways, like using his athleticism and juking. His 40-yard dash time was 4.34 seconds, but he’s said that it’s faster theoretically. That makes him the clear winner. If you’re looking for a quarterback with elite physical attributes, consider the advantages Lamar Jackson offers.

Bo Jackson’s fastest pre-draft 40-yard dash was 4.13 seconds at the NFL Combine. Lamar Jackson’s time is 4.34 seconds. Both Jackson and Metcalf could be rivals. However, Jackson may have the edge when it comes to the speed and agility. A faster 40-yard dash means better chances of winning the Super Bowl. This is especially true for rookies. And the best NFL team needs the best talent available.

In 2018, Lamar Jackson rushed for 136 yards on 16 attempts. He did so 16 times and scored a touchdown. It’s difficult to prepare for a player with his speed and athleticism. Despite this, there’s no way to prepare for his 40-yard dash, but it’s possible to get close to his performance. And if you can run faster than Lamar Jackson, you’re in a good position to be drafted by a NFL team.

Before the draft, there were concerns over Jackson’s passing abilities. However, he has emerged as a lethal weapon and was named MVP. In 2019, Jackson has amassed 3,127 passing yards and 1,206 rushing yards, with 43 touchdowns in total. While his skills aren’t as impressive as Vick’s, they are comparable. Jackson’s 40-yard dash is an impressive 4.2 seconds and the Falcons’ quarterback’s is just under five.

How Accurate Was Lamar Jackson’s 40-Yard Dash?
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