How Blockchain Is Changing The Real Estate Landscape

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The real estate industry is one of the most established industries in the world. However, it’s also seen as one of the most archaic and stuck in its ways. Computer programmers and entrepreneurs believe that blockchain technology can level the playing field for everyone by giving them more access to opportunities to purchase or rent homes. Blockchain technology is fast becoming a leader in this regard, thanks to its transparency and security features.

In simple terms, the blockchain is basically a decentralized database that stores information about transactions. Any changes that are made to the transaction record trigger an alert that notifies all parties involved in the transactions simultaneously. This technology is also used in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but it’s rapidly becoming a lucrative option for real estate transactions as well. The way in which owners can gain access to their property rights also makes it a hot ticket for investors and developers.

Smart contracts: The key to all blockchain transactions

A smart contract works like a traditional contract on the blockchain, but there are significant differences. Smart contracts ensure that both parties involved in the transaction meet all of their contractual obligations. The smart contract is automatically activated when the counterparty sends a payment, and the seller sends their property title documents to the buyer’s address on the blockchain. After this occurs, both parties receive a notification that triggers the completion of all other steps in the process. This also simplifies the title registration process, which not only makes it more efficient and convenient but also reduces the risk of fraud.

The fact that smart contracts are executed by both parties simultaneously is one of the biggest differences between traditional contracts and those used in blockchain transactions. In traditional contracts, a party could breach their contract without either the buyer or seller being aware of it. Blockchain transactions are executed with full transparency and awareness on both sides. This does wonder for the reputation of the blockchain and makes it more attractive as a mainstream real estate transaction tool. Bitcoin Prime is the ultimate solution for all your bitcoin needs.

Land records: ​​A big part of the problem

Real estate transactions are all about real estate. There’s no denying that the process is complex, but it’s also incredibly important for both sides involved. Most real estate transactions involve transferring ownership rights over a home and its land. This can be done through deeds, purchase contracts, or some combination of the two. If there’s one thing that most people agree on, it’s that not enough can be done with land records when they’re so difficult to access or verify.

The reason why land records are a difficult part of real estate transactions to obtain is that most states don’t entirely trust each other on the matter. The federal government is just as involved, but the states have been able to keep their own records and processes separate. With blockchain technology changing things up, it becomes possible to connect land records from various states or counties together. This could make it possible for people who don’t live in a single state to buy or rent homes in another state.

Property listings: ​​Making transactions easier and more efficient

Listing a home for sale or for rent is also part of the real estate transaction, but it is also one of the most difficult parts of the process. The problem stems from the fact that there aren’t really any centralized platforms that are available across the entire country. This results in a mishmash of information and makes it difficult for potential buyers and renters to find homes near them. This makes live streaming real estate perfect for the blockchain. It eliminates time limits and cuts down on fees because there are no third-party agents involved in the transaction. Instead, it allows potential tenants or buyers to find each other online and arrange meetings in person.

One of the biggest problems facing real estate is the lack of access or inability to use technology as it’s currently available. This time is quickly changing, however, thanks to blockchain technology. The advantages include increased transparency, lower fees, and higher security. Blockchain is also a hot ticket for real estate transactions because of its smart contracts and land records integration capabilities.

The future for realtors and brokers: 

There are a lot of benefits to the blockchain that make it a good option for real estate transactions. The way in which it’s changing the ways people access real estate is one of the most interesting. Land records and home sales are already being handled by blockchain technology, so this only sets things up for more exciting growth in other areas as well. The only way for realtors and brokers to stay ahead of the curve is to embrace the blockchain and make themselves part of its future.

Bottom line: 

The world is at its best when it’s connected and open. It’s this kind of connectivity that the blockchain is bringing to real estate transactions right now. Cryptocurrency security features are being used to protect both buyers and sellers in blockchain transactions, so this will only continue. It’s also a hot ticket for live streaming real estate, which helps buyers and renters find each other more easily. The future for realtors and brokers is associated with the blockchain because it’s already allowing them to sell homes across state lines.

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How Blockchain Is Changing The Real Estate Landscape

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