How Composition Of The Perfume Can Influence Our Thinking

How Composition Of The Perfume Can Influence Our Thinking

You may not have worn heavy scents for many years and will be content with deodorants. Of course, you can live that way, but you can deprive yourself of another dimension that you can add to your life. Just as most of us give a pretty hairstyle, a well-chosen dress or take care of the right makeup, we must pay attention to the right scent. This is because it often takes more than just our environment.

The right perfume such as lost cherry tom ford can emphasize your strengths, boost your self-confidence, and bring a smile to your face, even if you’re just busy.

Smell is a sensation that is often underestimated. But olfactory memory stores most of the memory in our brain. When we think about it, we remember exactly how fresh the air is on the mountains, the delicious smell of juicy oranges and freshly baked buns that our mother used to smell in the kitchen every Sunday.

So, in the same way, perfumes can influence our thinking and can really affect our mood as well.

The Composition Of The Perfume

First impressions should not make you decide that you like this perfume. Its composition is also designed so that the individual components are released gradually. Therefore, in an hour it will have a completely different aroma than in a few minutes after application.

Perfume Head (High Tones)

The first thing you will feel after applying the perfume. The head is very intense but fades quickly. It is precisely based on the sympathy that you feel for it that we decide if you like the fragrance of a perfume or not. Caution, it can only be felt for a few minutes.

Perfume Heart (Mid Tones)

After the head fades, the scent of the heart emerges, which is composed of moderately volatile substances. It smells for about 2-3 hours and determines the general nature of the perfumes. This is more pronounced, often with flowery or fruity accords.

Perfume Base (Low Tones)

The base of the perfume appears as a closure, which can be felt for 4 hours, but even better all day in case of better quality. Its ingredients are slowly volatile substances, which are usually woody, vanilla, musk or amber tones, that is, typical constituents of oriental perfumes.

So when choosing a perfume, keep in mind that the scent changes over time. If you are not shopping at a perfume store but online, try to get samples or perfume trials that you can try at home. This is the only way to choose a fragrance that you will really like.

Imitation Versus Luxury In The Name Of The Niche

Selling perfumes is a thriving business, but be careful not to get burned. Some stores offer perfumes at a low price, but this can result in a lower quality. Even the cheapest perfumes often offer a delicate scent. If you don’t get a chance to try the fragrance, it’s always worth checking the perfume and the recommendation of the store where you want to buy it. A great overview of perfumes can be found on the scent portal, which in addition to selling cosmetics and perfumes online, also focuses on user reviews and discussions.

An interesting alternative is imitation perfumes that mimic popular fragrances. Of course, they can’t offer the same quality or longevity as the original, but they can be purchased for a fraction of the price. It is possible to get hold of the cheapest perfumes, few of which can differentiate them from the famous original.

Cheaper fragrances are the opposite of niche perfumes. They are exclusively created from the rarest ingredients with expensive and gentle processes that are carefully guarded by all perfume companies. Each of these pieces offers a unique and interesting alternative to traditional perfumes, which are produced in large quantities. Their scents and products also differ from common standards.

Where To Apply The Perfume?

To keep the perfume scented for as long as possible, apply it where the pulse is most noticeable. These places are the warmest on our body, thanks to which the aroma used here evaporates better. These include the wrists, neck, décolleté, elbows, or behind the ears. On the other hand, some perfumes on the dress are also long-lasting. Just be careful not to stain them on light tissues.

Do you wonder why everyone smells differently from the same perfume? This is mainly due to the different pH of the skin, which is different for each person. As a result, the perfume substances act differently on the skin. The PH is also affected by hormones, but also by diet or smoking. So you can borrow a perfume or go to a party with a friend who wears the same fragrance without any problem.

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How Composition Of The Perfume Can Influence Our Thinking

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