How Does It Work Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy

What is the first thing you do when you are ill? Mostly, you go to doctors; take medicine, and move on. You remain quite oblivious of the harm the medicines bring to your body. Owing to increasing awareness regarding the drawbacks of medications; the world is turning to other unconventional treatment methods. Such methods are not new; instead, these have their origins in ancient medicine. Magnetic therapy is one of these. The efficacy of the therapy lacks scientific evidence. However, many patients found it useful in treating body pain and overall well-being.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

It is obvious from the name that the modality involves the use of magnets for improving general health conditions. These are not ordinary magnets that you used to play with, in your childhood days. Bio magnets is the name given to the magnets used for healing. Your health expert could suggest one of the following three versions of magnetic therapy.

1) Static Magnetic Field Therapy

This method involves touching your skin with pieces of magnets. Patients can use a wearable magnet in the form of magnetized jewelry pieces like bracelets, a magnet bandage, or a magnetic shoe insole. Besides, mattresses with magnet pads are also available for a magnetic sleep. 

2) Electromagnetic Therapy 

The technique uses an electrically charged magnet field delivered through electric pulses. PEMF technology is applied either through huge apparatus in clinical settings or portable devices for home use.

3) Magnetic Therapy in Conjunction with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient and highly effective treatment approach. It focuses on several specific points in the body to stimulate sensory neurons. Magnetic therapy with acupuncture uses the same body points for magnetic contact to trigger energy pathways. 

Whatever method you prefer, the healthyline outlet is the right place to get your desired gadgets.

The Science behind Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic energy lays the foundation of your body’s function. Every molecule in your body carries magnetic energy with natural magnetic and electric fields. Any imbalances in the magnetic flow disrupt the overall body mechanism. Exposing your body to magnetic fields could help retrieve the lost magnetic balance. Your body cells send signals through potassium and calcium ions present in cells. Magnetic exposure influences the way the ions pass these signals.

The north to the south magnetic flow is called the magnetic flux. When passed through tissues, the flux around its lines creates an additional current in tissues. This secondary field boosts ionization in cell fluid resulting in a marked improvement in cell metabolism and functions. An improved cell metabolism activates muscles to reduce inflammation in cells. Another impact appears through cell regeneration and cell growth. 

Furthermore, magnetic therapy impacts two biologically crucial components; iron and oxygen. Biomagnetic modality activates the hemoglobin, an oxygen carrier present in the blood. The activations have a direct connection with smooth and steady blood circulation. Improved circulation also helps to rejuvenate the diseased cells.

The therapy has scope for healing the body naturally in the following ways.

  •       Restoring hormonal balance
  •       Maintaining PH of the cells
  •       Stabilizing magnetic balance in cells
  •       Enhancing the movements of ions to heal the cells and neurons
  •       Improving circulation

Conditions That Magnetic Therapy Can Help

Magnetic therapy is mild and gentle on your body. It could contribute to your wellness. However, do not expect abrupt phenomenal changes in your general health. It can help in pain management in the back of the neck, back, feet, hips, shoulders, and legs. Some patients have reported improvement in the following conditions.

  •       Headaches
  •       Osteoarthritis 
  •       Pain due to arthritis
  •       Post-polio condition
  •       Insomnia
  •       Healing wounds
  •       Pain due to fibromyalgia
  •       Peripheral neuropathy 

Safety Concerns for Magnetic Therapy

The magnets used for the therapy are of low intensity and side effect free in most cases. For the safe side, the following people should seek expert advice.

  •       People with pacemakers or metal implants
  •       Pregnant 
  •       Before X-ray and MRI testing
  •       If you experience symptoms like nausea and dizziness, quit using the therapy
  •       Patients using blood thinners
  •       Young children


Magnetic energy is the source of life and is one of the entry-level biological phenomena. Magnetic therapy works at multiple levels by influencing the circulatory, nervous, and gland system. It connects you with natural rehabilitators. Unfortunately, the modality does not boast scientific evidence.

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How Does It Work Magnetic Therapy?

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