How Many Shootings in New York This Weekend

New York City recorded seven93 shooting incidents during the first six months of 2018. That’s an 11% decrease from the same time period last year. There were 854 shooting victims, which is 7% lower than the number that will be recorded at this time next year. In addition, there were 222 homicides reported and investigated during the same time period. Despite the decline in shooting incidents, the gun problem continues to plague five boroughs.

Gunfire broke out outside a Bronx Bodega on Sunday. A woman, 46, was wounded by a stray bullet and a child, 13, was shot in the hand. Both the woman and child were taken to Jacobi Hospital. Authorities believe that the shooting was the result of a dispute that occurred outside the bodega. Two suspects could have fled on bicycles.

Over the weekend, New York City saw more than a dozen victims of gunfire. One person was killed and four others were wounded. Police believe that two of the shootings were committed by the same pair of bicycle-riding gunmen. However, they have yet to make any arrests.

These numbers are alarming, but the police department in the city points out some positive signs. Crime in the city has decreased in recent years. Homicides are at their lowest levels in two decades. Despite this, a mayoral aide was robbed at knifepoint near the Brooklyn Navy Yard last weekend. The muggers stole his wallet and cell phone.

While the violence is unsettling, it is not a new phenomenon. There are many ways to reduce gun violence in New York. Police should first target dangerous people. Second, they should focus on improving their background checks to catch unlicensed gun owners. By investing in this technology, hundreds of shootings could be solved.

The Gun Violence Archive has compiled data on shootings in the United States. The data is broken down by state and city and can be helpful in identifying trends among gun violence. This website allows you to track gun violence and see how many shootings occurred in a given weekend. It also allows for you to see the dangers of shootings.

How Many Shootings in New York This Weekend
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