How Many Times Have the Ravens Beat the Patriots?

How many times have the Ravens beaten the Patriots? The Ravens have won both meetings in January. In the first game, the Ravens had an outstanding Joe Flacco, who threw for four touchdowns and one interception. Flacco’s fourth quarter interception almost cost them the game. Darrelle Revis was cited for holding, but the Ravens won anyway.

The Ravens’ offense scored the game’s only touchdown in the first quarter. Ray Rice rushed for 83 yards on the Ravens’ first play. Joe Flacco managed to channel his emotions into a strong performance, despite a difficult start. The Ravens were down 13-0 at one point, but turned the tide in the second half, with Smith catching six passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns. Justin Tucker made the game-winning field goal at the end.

The Patriots and Ravens have met six time in regular season games since 2011. The Ravens won their first regular season game in 2012, while 2011 was the Pats’ last. The Ravens won their first postseason meeting since 2007 by four points. The Patriots won last season’s AFC East while the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2014.

The Ravens’ rushing attack was one of the best in the NFL last year. The Patriots rank 31st in run defense, which the Ravens will try to exploit. Last season, Baltimore ran for 210 yards against New England. They could have even better numbers this time around. But a win over the Patriots is not the only important statistic. Both teams are expected to put forth a dominant effort in this matchup.

Six of the eight previous meetings between these two teams have been won by the Ravens. Their most recent meeting was in 2014 when Joe Flacco made his first start in this rivalry. The Ravens led by as much as 24 points at the halftime and won AFC wild-card playoffs. The Patriots lost the previous match 14 to 1 in overtime. The Ravens have won four out of five meetings. However, the team won the second overtime match, which was the most dramatic match in the series.

New England will have a difficult game in this one. The Patriots have struggled against the run and allowed big plays in critical situations. They don’t have a physical defensive line so Baltimore will need to use tricks to get to second level defense. They will be able to make it tough for the Ravens to score points. They will win if they can exploit these weaknesses and minimize mental errors made by the Patriots, however.

The Ravens are a great team with a lot of talent. Their quarterback Lamar Jackson has had some trouble this year, but he’s still the best quarterback in the league. The Ravens have the edge in just about every area of the game, and Cam Newton has struggled to throw the ball consistently. While the Patriots have many great players, they don’t have enough offensive weapons to keep up. So, what are the Ravens’ best chances of beating the Patriots?

How Many Times Have the Ravens Beat the Patriots?
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