Squeaky Clean: How Much Do You Charge to Clean a Commercial Building?

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Are you wondering how much to charge to clean a commercial building? From the cleaning supplies to your experience level, there are many factors to weigh. You’ll also need to know the client’s expectations for the job, and what the state of the facility is like.

So, how do you determine a final cost for your commercial cleaning services? Keep reading to learn how to know what you can charge to clean commercial buildings!

Consider How Often You Will Clean the Commercial Buildings

Will you need to clean an entire facility once each week? Or will you need to stop by each night to service restroom facilities and do light cleaning? The frequency of your cleaning can inform the cost.

When you’re cleaning a commercial building for rent, you only may need to do periodic deep cleans. Consider charging a flat rate for this based on the scale of the building.

And if you’re only cleaning windows or select pieces of machinery, be clear on the frequency. Set up a calendar and run it by the client so that they are on the same page.

An office or facility that is in rough shape may demand more of your time. Don’t be afraid to express that the condition of the facility requires more expensive chemicals — and will cost more as a result. Similarly, spaces that are tight or cramped may require more time, too.

Know What the Cleaning Job Expectations Are

Make a point of walking through the facility with the manager. Take notes as they explain their expectations for what is cleaned, and how frequently you should clean it. For instance, there may be certain hallways that need more frequent vacuuming.

If you need to buff floors or add other tasks requiring specialized equipment to the list, account for that in your cost estimate. Likewise, stripping floors or doing more intense cleanings each month could increase the price.

Create a document and review it with the building manager. Commercial buildings may require that you come in at off-hours, too. If you charge more for that, make sure that it is itemized as part of your final fee structure.

Factor in the Square Footage of a Commercial Building

How do you create a fee structure for cleaning commercial buildings? You may want to use square footage to determine your costs. This way, there will be no surprises for the client.

For example, you could charge $0.25 to clean one square foot of carpet. The price might be a little lower for a simpler task, like vacuuming. Figure out how much exertion is required for each task, and adjust your price per square foot accordingly.

You also can charge by item. Cleaning one pane of a window could be $5, as an example. Or cleaning one large piece of common machinery might cost a flat fee.

And, of course, you could charge by the hour. You may even want to use some combination of all of these approaches to price structuring. Stay flexible with your options, too, so that you don’t miss out on securing a new client.

Calculate Costs of Chemicals and Equipment

Whether you’re cleaning commercial buildings for sale or active offices, you’ll need to factor in supplies. If you’re using more eco-friendly or industrial-strength supplies, you can expect to pay more. Similarly, equipment like floor scrubbers or pressure washers can pack a financial punch.

Look at your budgets and determine how much you’ll need to charge to offset equipment costs. On top of that, you want to make money, right? You’ll need to factor in a profit margin.

The profit margin reflects the portion of your sales that you keep as profit. The higher the profit margin, the better. You should aim for at least 10% and strive for a number closer to 30%.

While you’re at it, look at the mileage. Will you need to drive across town to complete the job? You may want to factor in mileage to your costs since driving will add some wear and tear to your vehicles.

Look at the Competition

It’s also smart to scope out the competition. After all, you don’t want to overcharge or undercharge. You also can learn a lot by understanding what types of packages they offer — and how you can do better.

If you see a gap in their offerings, look to fill the void. Some cleaning services may specialize in lighter and more frequent cleanings. Others may do deep cleans in commercial buildings for rent.

If those areas are covered, find your niche. Look to schools, care facilities, or other untapped industries. Devote some time to figuring out what demand is like, and whether you can afford to notch your prices a little higher.

Most importantly, figure out how to distinguish yourself from all commercial cleaning services. Invest in marketing with the knowledge that it will help increase your profitability. Having a professional site may allow you to charge a slightly higher price for your services.

You want to show customers that you have the right knowledge and equipment. Show them that you can service anything from auto facilities to office buildings on your site. And map out the costs clearly.

Determine Costs for Cleaning Commercial Buildings

Costs to clean a commercial building can vary according to scale, supplies, and demand. If you have a strong reputation, you may be able to charge a little more. And you’ll want to analyze your budgets so you can earn a profit from your work.

For more tips to build a good business, check back for new articles!

Squeaky Clean: How Much Do You Charge to Clean a Commercial Building?

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