How Much Does a Sunroof Installation Cost?

How Much Does a Sunroof Installation Cost

When installing a sunroof, you have two options: Factory-installed or Aftermarket. Both pros and cons, but the price is significant. Read more about the process and differences between Factory-installed and Aftermarket sunroofs. Aftermarket sunroofs are typically less expensive but are not as durable as factory-installed sunroofs.

Aftermarket sunroofs

An aftermarket sunroof can be a complicated task that requires specialized expertise and expensive machinery. If you want a sunroof on your vehicle, it’s better to hire an sunroof installation professional. While an aftermarket sunroof may look great, it won’t fit properly in your car and may even come with a warranty.

The materials used for a sunroof are another factor that affects cost. Cheaper sunroofs will use dot matrix screened glass to keep out the sun and reflect about half of the heat it absorbs. On the other hand, expensive sunroofs use reflective glass to reflect more of the sun’s heat. Also, neoprene, another cheap material used in aftermarket sunroofs, can quickly wear out and break if exposed to the weather. A better option is silicone, which is more durable and will last many years.

You can also install an aftermarket sunroof yourself. Although this isn’t advisable, it can be cheaper than buying a sunroof from a dealership. Compared to factory-installed sunroofs, aftermarket sunroofs are easier to install and may cost as little as $300. However, some specialists advise against this, pointing out that factory-installed sunroofs can have leaks and may not be a good option.

Factory-installed component

While some new cars come with factory-installed sunroofs, these can add $500 to $2,000 to the purchase price. These component costs vary greatly, depending on the type of sunroof and its size. Some of the most inexpensive options are pop-up, manually operated panels, which cost $400 to $900. Still, the opportunity for a powered tilt-and-slide sunroof costs $700 to $1100, depending on the model.

Another problem is cleaning up broken glass. Because tempered glass is designed to shatter into many pieces, small bits of the broken glass often get stuck inside the track or on the lubricant, which increases labor costs. In addition, motor failure can prevent the sunroof panel from retracting. Replacing the motor can cost $650 to $750. However, ensuring the job is done correctly is well worth the money.

Quality of aftermarket sunroofs

The quality of aftermarket sunroofs depends on the material. For example, premium models generally have robust hinges and seasons the other hand, economy sunroofs typically use cheap neoprene seals that deteriorate quickly in the weather. Also, economy roofs have soft handles and hinges that may break and leak water. Hence, choose premium products over economic ones.

Aftermarket sunroofs are often unable to offer the same quality as factory-fitted sunroofs. While some can be installed with a good installer, the quality of aftermarket sunroofs is questionable. They may leak and make noise, and they will depreciate the value of your car. To ensure the quality of the product, choose an aftermarket sunroof specialist who offers a 3-year warranty.

The quality of aftermarket sunroofs varies widely, and models and manufacturers determine prices. For instance, installing a 20-inch by 32-inch pop-up sunroof with a detachable glass panel may cost as little as $500. On the other hand, a full-sized truck’s power moonroof can cost upwards of $1,250.

Cost of installing a sunroof

The cost of installing a sunroof varies from $300 to $3000, depending on the style you choose, how much the sunroof is weighed against the cost of your vehicle, and whether you want to install a pop-up or panoramic sunroof. The former is usually the cheapest option, while the latter can cost up to $1000. If you want to install a motorized sunroof, the cost will be more than twice that.

If you’re handy and know how to do car bodywork, you can install a sunroof on your own, but you’ll likely need the services of a professional. This is because you’ll need to have a professional install the sunroof, which requires cutting a massive hole in your car’s roof and connecting wires from your car’s circuit box. You should consider hiring an expert, however, as they’ll be able to provide a warranty for their work.

How Much Does a Sunroof Installation Cost?

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