How Much Is Justin Herbert Worth?

Currently, there are no exact details on how much Justin Herbert is worth, but the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback is no stranger to big money. His net worth is estimated at $4 million in 2021 and growing. With a hefty salary, signing bonus, and wages, Herbert has amassed quite a fortune. The young quarterback is living the high-life, which is certainly a welcome change from the grueling practice regimen and countless hours in the gym.

Herbert will be due a $26.6million four-year contract with Chargers in 2021. He earns a base salary of $18,205 per day, or $759 per hour. Herbert has partnered with Bose headphones, Head and Shoulders shampoo, and Flag and Anthem clothing company. As of the beginning of the contract, Herbert will receive a signing bonus of $16,890,004 and guaranteed $26,578,755 in salary over four years.

Herbert’s contract with Chargers is guaranteed for a period of four years. The first year of the deal will pay a base salary of $1,818,125, and he’ll earn a cap hit of $6,040,626. The signing bonus for the second year will be $4.2 million. These numbers are not final, but they are a great start.

The NFL’s latest signings have helped boost Justin Herbert’s net worth, with the sixth overall pick in 2020. Herbert’s wavy locks have been a source of recognition since his high school days. The quarterback’s hair has been cut, which makes it difficult to calculate his networth. His net worth is expected at $500 million per year if he keeps this style.

Justin Herbert’s private life is a mystery. His past relationships are not revealed. He has a low-key relationship with NFL Network reporter Taylor Bisciotti. Although the relationship has not been confirmed, there are rumors Herbert may be dating her. The quarterback is Rich Schwab’s grandson and a University of Oregon graduate. He has also been involved with a number of high-profile companies over the last few years, including NBC and ESPN.

Herbert attended Sheldon High School in Oregon as a teenager. He excelled at basketball, baseball, and American football. Herbert broke his leg in his junior year and had to take a break from all sports. Due to the injury complications, he failed to secure major scholarships. He did receive an offer from Montana State, Portland State, and Northern Arizona. He is now 23, and his net worth is estimated to grow as he becomes an NFL player.

After signing with the Chargers in 2020, Herbert was drafted sixth overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. His jersey was the 12th most popular in the 2020 season. His first NFL game was against Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2. He had a passing yardage total of 311 with a touchdown and one interception. In the season that followed, Herbert won the Los Angeles Chargers’ Las Vegas Bowl.

How Much Is Justin Herbert Worth?
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