How Tall is Pidge in Voltron?

Whether you’re a fan of the Voltron series or not, you’re probably curious how tall Pidge is. The young genius of the Lion Force is one of the most iconic characters of the show. As the pilot of the Green Lion, he’s the perfect person to help the team defeat the Robots of Doom. He’s also the twin brother of Vehicle Force member Chip. Though the two are technically twins, Pidge refuses to adopt Chip without his older brother, as they were never meant to be together. He grew up on the planet Balto but considers himself an Earth man, which has a lot to do with his height.

The character was originally an Italian-American teenager who was a communications cadet at Galaxy Garrison. She later became the pilot of the Green Lion of Voltron, an extremely intelligent hacker and a versatile inventor. Her appearance reflects her androgynous nature. In fact, Pidge is only slightly taller than the average teenage girl. In the series, she is often described as a “tech geek”.

Pidge was fourteen when the series began, but her age was disputed. In The Paladin’s Handbook, she was listed as fifteen, which was not checked by the executive series staff. Nevertheless, her life at NWP was far worse than her orphanage life, with his intellectually-threatened classmates regularly beating him. Despite the harsh conditions, he quickly learned to adapt to the life of a soldier and joined the search for the legendary robot Voltron.

Pidge’s height is an important factor when assessing his physical size. However, the character is short when compared to his other teammates, and his body is rather short when compared to his fellow teammates. As such, Pidge’s height is not a problem when evaluating his height. So, Pidge’s height is not too high or low. And, his sex, which consists of male and female, is not a concern for the fans.

Pidge is the youngest of the five Paladins. She was fourteen years old when Season 1 aired, but she was later listed as fifteen in The Paladin’s Handbook. In the comic book series, Pidge’s age was based on her actual height. The younger she is, the taller she was in the comic books. This was a big deal for Pidge, as he was always the center of attention.

In the series, Pidge is the youngest of the seven Paladins. She was fifteen when she joined the Green Lion of Voltron. Her height is also the most relevant factor to her appearance, as she is shorter than the average female teenage girl. This is also true of her gender, which is male and female. If you have any doubts, you can contact the show’s producer, as she will be able to tell you the correct height of Pidge.

The show’s creators were concerned with the age of the team, and they decided to make Pidge a bit taller. She was one of the most popular characters of the show. In the comic book, Pidge was the youngest of the three Paladins. In the series, she was only fourteen. She was much shorter than the average human girl, which she attributes to her androgynous nature.

The series has also been popular for its plotlines. The show’s lead character, Pidge, is a teenage girl of Italian descent who is the current pilot of the Green Lion of Voltron. Her skills include being an excellent strategist, highly intelligent hacker, and a talented inventor. Unlike most human girls, she was the only female incarnation of the Beast King GoLion. While her character is based on a boy, her personality and personal style are quite androgynous.

Pidge was the first member of the Voltron Force. He was the first member to become the leader of his team. In the comics, Pidge was a devoted teammate of Shiro. During the show’s premiere, he had a crush on Keith. He had a huge crush on her. Moreover, she had a crush on Keith. In the movie, Pidge is a teenager who is fascinated by technology.

How Tall is Pidge in Voltron?
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