How To Behave After Being Stopped For DWI

How To Behave After Being Stopped For DWI

DWI cases are serious. They can land you in jail. Thus, it’s important to fight these cases with a lot of diligence. Winning a DUI case takes strategy. It requires high-level expertise. Thus, choose a top-rated attorney to help you. A lawyer understands how  DWI sentencing is done.  Don’t take the sobriety test. Here are the top tips and tricks for winning a DWI case.

Don’t Drink

Discipline is an important aspect when it comes to driving. Thus, avoid hitting the road when you are high. Remember, alcohol impairs your judgment. It can expose you to accidents. So, why do it? Ask a designated driver to take you home. Alternatively, you can ask your family member or cab to drop you off.

Pull Over

Don’t try to escape. Don’t run away. This is not a death sentence. Consider pulling over immediately. Take your car to a safer location. Running away will only make your case worse. Imagine getting a real chase from the police? Things can be difficult. Pulling down immediately tells the police that you are a responsible citizen.

Be Polite. Comply

The officer will come to your car and approach you. In most cases, you will be asked to provide your driver’s license. He/she will also ask you for the registration details, insurance policy proof, etc. Don’t panic. Give these details to your officer. If you don’t have such information, tell him/her where you have kept them.

This is the time to stay polite. Be kind to the officer. Don’t argue with him/her. Interact with the officer. Move your car slowly. Being courteous sends a positive impression.

Ask Why You Were Stopped

In most cases, the officer will ask you why he/she pulled you over. Of course, you know the reason. However, don’t state it. Just say that you don’t know. Say it politely. Try to stay confident. Plus, he/she may be testing to see if you know your mistakes. Saying no is the best way to react to such questions from the cops.

Admit But Not In Details

The officer will ask you if you have been taking a few bottles. Honesty is key. Just say yes. However, avoid delving into finer details. Don’t tell him/her why you have been drinking. Don’t tell the officer where you were and how many bottles you took. Be economical with what you say. Talking too much will expose you.

Nobody Will Force You To Take The Sobriety Test

You don’t have to take any tests. Thus, maintain calmness. The field officer will not force you to take any tests. Don’t be hostile to the officers. Probably, the cameras are around. They will record all the actions.

Additional Tips

Here Are Additional Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make:

  • Giving Them More Evidence
  • Not Understanding The Consequences
  • Not Hiring A DUI Lawyer

The Bottom-Line

Don’t drink and hit the road. It’s a criminal offense. If you are caught, be polite. Consider pulling down immediately. Have respect for the authorities. You can admit that you are drunk. However, avoid going into finer details. Understand your charges. Get in touch with your lawyer immediately.

How To Behave After Being Stopped For DWI

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