How To Buy Violin Strings Online?

Violin Strings Online

There are multiple kinds of violin strings that you can choose from. Each and every violin string has a different effect in terms of sound, resonance, and playability of the musical instrument. If you are an amateur violinist, you might feel a little overwhelmed with the wide variety of violin string sets on the market. Since there are several choices online, it can be extremely confusing for you. This is why it is important to learn about the basic attributes of violin strings and how they influence the sound of your instrument before making a purchase online.

Know the different types of materials and types of strings

When purchasing violin strings online, it is important that you consider crucial factors and aspects of violin strings such as the different types of materials and different types of strings. Here are the different types of materials and types of strings:

  • Gut core violin strings are the original type of strings which are typically made from sheep intestines. These strings have lower tension and they have a rich and complex tone.
  • Steel core violin strings, on the other hand, have a quick response and a clear, focused, brilliant tone. However, you can’t expect depth and tonal complexity from them.
  • Lastly, there are synthetic core violin strings which are made from a type of nylon called perlon. Synthetic core strings are much more stable in pitch compared to gut core strings.

Read some reviews online

The good thing about buying items online is that you can read some reviews regarding the things you are trying to buy. In this case, you are trying to purchase violin strings online so it is highly recommended for you to read some online reviews about violin strings. By doing so, it can help you get some insights about the violin strings you are about to purchase. 

Choose the right string gauge

Keep in mind that the heavier the string gauge is, the more tension the string holds. If you desire having light and looser strings, you should use lighter gauge strings. On the other hand, if you desire to have tighter strings, use heavier gauge strings.

How to replace old or broken strings using new violin strings

Here are the steps on how to replace your old or broken strings using your new violin strings:

  • First thing is first, remove the old or broken strings from the instrument. Even if your string has only come loose on one side, it is still highly recommended for you to remove all of the strings and have them replaced.
  • Next thing you can do is to attach your new strings to the tailpiece. Once you see that one side of your string has a ball on the very end, this is where you will need to attach to your tailpiece.
  • Another important step is to guide your string up to the violin neck and hold them in place so you can thread the end of your strings through the tuning box.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to tighten your strings by winding the tuning peg. After that, you can now start tuning by gently winding the tuning peg until you feel it is in tune. Make sure you do this gradually.


Buying violin strings online has its own positive and negative consequences. In order for you to avoid getting the wrong items, make sure to follow the key concepts and ideas that were mentioned in this discussion. If you will consider and apply everything that is discussed in this article, you will surely have no problem in buying violin strings online.

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How To Buy Violin Strings Online?

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