How To Choose the Best Sunglasses Frames

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Did you know that the average cost for sunglasses is over $100? If you’re going to pay that much for sunglasses, you want to make sure you’re getting the best pair that look great on you.

Sunglasses frames come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors, but how do you know which sunglasses are the best for you?

If you wondering how to choose sunglasses, here are five tips to make the process easier so you can find sunglasses that suit your face and keep out the sun.

  1. Facial Shape

One of the best things you can do is buy sunglasses that fit with your facial shape. There are four basic facial shapes: oval, heart, square, and round. There are many sunglasses for face shapes and some of them overlap, making your choice a bit easier.

The most popular types of sunglasses are aviators, round, brow line, square, sport, and retro. The frames can be thick or thin depending on what works best for your facial shape. Shop here for eye wear that works best for you.

Your first step in determining which sunglasses to buy is to narrow down your facial shape and shop for frames that complement your shape.

  1. Lifestyle

The next step in finding the best types of sunglasses is to figure out how often you will wear them. Are you going to be a casual wearer or will they be for intensive use or sport?

If it’s sunny and warm where you live, you might be wearing them year-round, so you might need to invest a little more time and money into finding a pair that will last you for a long time. On the other hand, if you only wear glasses sometimes, perhaps you don’t splurge and find something that’s more casual.

  1. Skin Tone

The color of your sunglasses may not be so noticeable, but if you like a pop of color on your peeps, then color is something to take into consideration.

Knowing your skin tone and what colors go well with your skin tone is important to choose the right colored glasses. For example, warmer skin tones will want to avoid lighter colors like pastels, white, and black frames. Cooler skin tones should look at hues with blues, grays, and even black.

  1. Price

While $100 might get you a pair of designer sunglasses, that doesn’t mean it’s great for your budget. This is especially true if you’re living on a tight budget and you don’t need a pair of extremely sturdy glasses. You can find a great pair of glasses that fit your skin tone and facial shape and not blow your budget.

  1. Do You Like Them?

Of course, while all of the above matters, what matters most is that you love your choice! If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you’re sure to find something you love!

Sunglasses Frames For You!

Finding the perfect sunglasses frames takes a bit of trial and error. But once you find what you want, they’re fun to wear and you can feel confident in your choice.

Do you want to learn more about how to make better fashion choices? We’ve got you covered! Visit our fashion page today to get the top tricks!

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How To Choose the Best Sunglasses Frames

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