How To Choose The Right Doormat For You

How To Choose The Right Doormat For You

The doormat is the first piece of decor that greets guests upon their arrival at your home. A doormat is an important accessory to have in every house. It prevents dirt and mud from getting through your home. A doormat’s appearance can set the tone for your entire house, in addition to its functional benefits. It might seem like a simple decision, but there are so many choices.

Doormats Based Upon Material

Your mat material choice is crucial as it affects how frequently you will need to clean it and how functional it will be.

Polyester Microfiber – These mats combine polyester and microfiber to make them soft and absorbent. These mats are best used indoors because they have a rubber backing that prevents them from sliding and skidding. These mats are great at absorbing snow so they can also be used in colder climates.

Rubber– A rubber mat is typically made of eco-friendly components and is easy to clean and maintain. Rubber mats can be comforting for your feet so you can place them in areas where you are likely to walk barefoot. Rubber mats are weather-resistant, so they do not get damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Coir Mats– The outer fibrous husks made from coconut shells can be used to create coir mats. They are all-natural. This mat is a great alternative to other mats. The mat’s rough surface ensures that dirt is swept off your shoes and does not travel through your home or office.

Doormat Made of polypropylene, a doormat made from this material is strong and durable. They can be used inside washrooms because they are resistant to bacteria and slip easily. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic that is made of propylene monomers. It isn’t eco-friendly but has incredible functionality.

Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor Mats

There are generally 2 types of mats when it comes down to design: indoor mats and outdoor mats. The decor mats can be used almost anywhere to enhance the aesthetics. Here are some things to look for in each mat:

Outdoor Mats – Outdoor mats should be placed at the door of your house/office. They must also be strong. For outdoor mats, you will need a weather-resistant and absorbent mat. To ensure your soles are clean, you can choose a rubber mat. They are great outdoor mats because of their weather-resistant properties.

Indoor Carpets– These mats are typically used indoors, and you’ll likely be barefoot if you step on them. This is something you should take into consideration when selecting the material. You want it to feel soft on your feet. A polypropylene or microfiber doormat is an option. These are sturdy and will absorb any dirt or moisture. However, they can be hard on the feet.

How Do You Choose A Mat For Your Home?

Are you thinking of mat shopping for the house? Are you going to be stumped by the selection of mats on the doormat aisle? Here’s a checklist of mental questions that will help you select the right mat to fit your home:

You will need the mat to do what you want and where you will place it. You might need the mat in your bathroom to keep your feet dry and prevent water from getting on your shoes. Or, you may want it at your front door.

What color will complement your overall style? Take a look at the interior of your home to determine what color works best. Decide if you prefer a printed or solid-colored mat. You should make sure that it doesn’t clash with your wall’s color/print.

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How To Choose The Right Doormat For You

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