How to Choose the Right Kitchen Design Style

Kitchen Design Style

Are you doing a kitchen remodel? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

To save yourself time and money during this process, you want to select the right kitchen design style for you. But how do you choose? While there is no perfect choice, your kitchen should express your personal taste, fit the space well, meet all your needs, and reflect the design of your house.

Keep reading to learn the best kitchen design ideas and discover which one is right for you.


If you love a classic, timeless look, this style may be right for you.

Details you would find in a traditional kitchen are intricate light fixtures, granite countertops, a simple backsplash, and ornately molded cabinets. The color palette is usually neutral to allow for these bold features to shine through.

This traditional kitchen design is great for throwing dinner parties with elegance and charm. And if you wish to put some homely decor in your kitchen, this style will complement it well.

It’s also important to note that if you’re working with a professional designer, you should consult with them before making a final decision. And if you don’t know what to say, award-winning interior designer Mal Corboy has a list of 9 questions you should ask before choosing a final style!


Contemporary kitchen design refers to the most up-to-date or trendy style.

The contemporary style is sleek, clean, and minimalistic. Features you would find are flat-panel cabinets, marble countertops, metallic tones, and clean lines. The color palette is usually simple and often features white and black tones.

This style lends itself to parties where guests have ample room to talk in the kitchen. It is usually not decorated, as simplicity and functionality are at the forefront. But with that said, contemporary kitchens are a great canvas for small pops of color or warm wooden accents.

And because of the simplicity, it will feel very open and clutter-free. So if you have a smaller space that you wish to feel bigger, contemporary might be the best option for you!


The transitional style is very popular because it combines both the contemporary and the traditional style. The overall design should feel clean and clutter-free but also warm and homely.

Features you will find are luxury countertops, stainless steel appliances, simple cabinet moldings, and lots of storage. The color palette can be either neutral or bold, depending on your preference. So if you wish to have brightly colored cabinets, the transitional design is simple enough to complement them nicely.

This design can also go with a range of home styles because it takes features from both old and new architecture.

Now You Know How To Choose a Kitchen Design Style

Your kitchen is a place to make great meals, but it is also a place to bring out your personal flair. So whether you’re drawn to an enchanting traditional style or a minimalistic modern one, your kitchen will look stunning when it’s finished. Now go bring your kitchen design style to life!

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Design Style

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