How to Choose the Right Wall Clock for Your Living Space?

How to Choose the Right Wall Clock for Your Living Space?

There is no doubt that a perfect wall clock will be a great addition to any house. Sometimes, high end clocks can be used to fill up the empty wall space when you are redecorating your home or you have just shifted to a new house. Buying a good wall clock for the living room can be a challenging task for some homeowners as they need something that can impress the visitors and guests. Well, the tips mentioned here in this article can help you in understanding how to buy wall clock in Australia for the living room.

Remember that the wall clock is not just considered as a timepiece; it has become a beautiful as well as creative interior decoration piece that can make the interior look of your living room to a whole new level. Not just in the living room, you can use it in the kitchen, study room, bedroom and more.

Well, the clock in your living room is the one that will act on a dual purpose of giving your guests an impression of your unique personality and keeping their interest in the interiors. It can be said that the wall clock located in your living room can speak a lot of things about you. So, you should be very careful if you are planning to buy wall clock in Australia. Now, let’s have a look at some important points that you should keep in mind to choose the right one.

Consider the Size of The Clock

As per the experts, the size of the wall clocks will depend on how you will use them. For example, you need to understand whether you use it as a delicate decorative piece for your décor or if you want the clock to serve as a perfect statement piece. On average, the size of high end clocks may range from 10 inches to 35 inches.

For a stamen piece, you can go for a large size, like a clock above 25 inches. In terms of textures, you can choose a hand-painted frame, intricately carved wooden frame and more. However, if you are more about creating a delicate accent, opt for a small wall clock. A clock between 10 inches to 20 inches will work well. Make sure that the colour of the clock is now overpowering other elements in the room.

Materials of the Clock

When it comes to materials, you can choose between three common options. These are:

  1. Plastic

Plastic-made wall clocks will be budget-friendly. The clocks are available in different colour options, and you can easily choose one that can match the interior style. However, these clocks may not last longer than metal or wood.

  1. Wood

When it comes to creating a farmhouse or rustic environment, you can buy wall clock in Australia made of wood.  Some of the most common types of woods used for wall clocks are eucalyptus, pine and mahogany. As the wooden wall clocks are heavy, you should use sturdy wall space.

  1. Metal wall clocks

Metal wall clocks will produce industrial and minimalist environments. Polished metal will look amazing with refined décor. They also last for years.

Make Sure the Clock Goes with the Furniture

The wall clock that you want to buy should perfectly complement your furniture in the living room. You should go for the large rustic wall clocks with large size numbers and English or Roman type if the interior design and furniture of your living room look heavy and classic. Bulky and big clocks will look good if the rooms are spacious. Well, if you are using angular and simple furniture in your living room that creates a modern environment, then you can buy a decorative wall clock for the living room.

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Don’t Forget the Color of Your Clock

While buying high end clocks for your living room, you need to choose the right colour that goes well with the wall colour. For example, if the wall colour is white, then bold and black coloured wall clocks will look great. On the other hand, for a wall with bold colours, you can use a lighter-coloured clock. Well, to come up with a perfect cohesive appearance, ensure that the colour you have selected matches the existing colour of the room. Sometimes, you can consider the pillows’ colour to decide the wall clock colour.

Choose the Model as Per Your Interest

You can opt for simple-looking wall clocks or a clock with some useful and fancy features. For example, you can choose an electronic clock, quartz clock, mechanical clocks and more as per your requirements. Besides, you can also find clocks that can measure atmospheric and humidity pressure.

If you love traditional design elements, then buying a mechanical clock can be a good option. On the other hand, there are quartz wall clocks that require a lower level of maintenance, and the accuracy is also very high. For a modern look, some homeowners use atomic wall clocks, which are very accurate. In general, such clocks function by the vibration of the atomic system. They can self-adjust.

Where to Put the Clock? 

Your house’s living room is the most appropriate and commonplace to hand the clock. In your living room, you should put the clock above the centre of larger furniture, for example, a sofa. Well, another commonplace is above the TV, music system or any entertainment console. You can even take the help of an interior designer to understand where you should put the wall clock in your living room to create a perfect look.


You all know that buying a wall clock is not an easy task.  However, with a proper understanding of different sizes, materials, colours and designs, you can decide which high end clocks to buy for your living room. A wall clock can reflect your personality. If you are searching for a wall clock that can be a head-turner, a large piece will work great. Always use one that perfectly blends into the overall décor of your living room.

How to Choose the Right Wall Clock for Your Living Space?

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