How to Cope With Puppy Uglies in Pomeranians

Puppy uglies can be a normal part growing up. Some puppies have long legs and a monkey-like appearance. This is a normal, necessary phase that your puppy will go through and it will be a wonderful representation of the breed. How can you get past puppy nitches? Read on to discover the answers to these questions. This article contains some helpful information on how to deal with puppy uglies.

All breeds are susceptible to puppy uglies, even Pomeranians. They can’t keep their puppy hair for ever because of how they grow. This odd stage makes your Pomeranian look strange and unattractive. Some owners are concerned that their puppy is suffering from puppy ugliness and fear that something more serious is going on. Puppy ugliness in Pomeranians is a natural part of their growth and is completely normal.

Your pooch can be helped by moisturizing their skin. Using a conditioner is important because it will help open up the hair follicles and prevent dry skin. Apply Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo to a dry pomeranian’s skin and coat to nourish it. Be sure to massage the product into the skin for five minutes, and always brush in the direction of the fur growth.

Pomeranian puppies may experience puppy ugliness between four and 10 months of age. Their coats will start to pull together at this point and the puppy will return to its original beauty. But don’t despair, Pomeranian puppies will go through this ugly phase again. They will have full coats by 10 months and will regain their beautiful looks. You’ll be able to tell if you have adopted a Pomeranian dog that it is a necessary evil.

Their coat is another part of pugs. The coat can be uneven or patchy. It may not be thick, and some pom puppies will have sparse hairs. Their ears and legs may appear longer than normal. You may notice clumps of hair on their paws. In addition to these, your pooch may have a low coat. Puppy uglies can cause a thinning of the fur.

Puppy uglies may also occur in double-coated, furry breeds. The puppy’s hair may start to shed and it could appear moth-eaten. In some cases, a puppy will lose its baby coat and look like a moth-eaten bird. Owners often refer to puppy uglies as “puppy uglyness”, but this is not true for all dogs.

Puppy uglies is a normal phase in Pomeranian puppies. They usually start around three to four months old and will disappear by the time your puppy is eight to fourteen months. It is important to remember that puppy uglies are temporary and will disappear by the time your puppy turns five. Your pomeranian will have a gorgeous coat when he reaches adulthood.

How to Cope With Puppy Uglies in Pomeranians
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