5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Kawaii Bedroom

Kawaii Bedroom

Kawaii speaks to the lovable, cute, and/or adorable elements of Japanese culture. It’s become prominent and popular as a pop-culture aesthetic worldwide.

In fact, Kawaii has become such a vital part of Japanese culture that Entrepreneur.com touts it as being “ingrained in the very fabric of the country.”

But how do you create this cute, happy, cozy, sweet look in your own space, especially if you’ve never really had any experience as an interior designer? 

In this post, you’re going to learn five tips for creating the perfect Kawaii bedroom. 

1. It All Starts With Some Paint

You’ll want to choose bright colors for the walls.

Pastel pink, pastel blue, cream, and white tend to create the desired effect the best.

As a general rule, soft gradients and flat colors are best suited to the aesthetic. Because they don’t create heavy light sources that threaten to overwhelm the design.

Most rooms decorated in the Kawaii aesthetic choose limited color palettes of three or four colors. 

You can also use wallpaper with cute designs or even paint designs on the wall yourself — but avoid overly complex themes.

Simplicity is crucial for achieving that desired “cutesy” Kawaii bedroom look. 

2. Select Appropriately Colored Furniture

For the most part, choose normal bedroom furniture, except you’ll want to make sure that it’s light in color to match the walls. 

White tends to work best for this, but you can choose nearly any color that fits with your color palette. 

The main thing to avoid is furniture that’s black, dark brown, grey or any shade that doesn’t fit into the soft, light pastel color range.

What you place on top of your furniture to decorate it will play a large role in dictating how successfully you achieve the Kawaii style you want.

Let’s talk more about that.

Perfect Kawaii Bedroom

3. Decorate With Cute Trinkets, Accessories, and Toys

Kawaii is really all about the accessories, so make sure to properly organize, display, and decorate with all your cute stuff. 

Remember, simplicity is key when you’re trying to go Kawaii.

How To Choose Accessories, Toys, And Decorations For A Kawaii Bedroom

Think cute stuff with cute faces and round edges that are both fluffy and huggable. 

One prevalent trope in Kawaii-style art is to put faces on things. 

So anything that has a cute face on it probably counts. 

4. Choose the Cutest Bedspread Possible, With Lots of Stuffed Animals

Decorating the bed may be the most crucial part of nailing the Kawaii aesthetic correctly. 

Make sure to buy the most adorable bedspread set possible, and use pillowcases and stuffed animals to crank the “cozy” level up to the maximum.

Choosing a Duvet

You can choose a solid-colored duvet that matches your color palette, or you can go for something with a cute print or design on it. 

If you want to go a bit more in-depth, many designers recommend using a solid-colored duvet if you’ve used designs or themed wallpaper on the walls. Or a cute printed duvet if you’ve painted your walls a solid color.

The contrast between these two critical elements can really make the Kawaii bedroom design come to life.

If you live where the temperature drops in the evening, consider getting a plush or shaggy flannel duvet set that matches your color palette.

Nothing says cute, comfy, and cozy like a fluffy duvet and matching pillowcases! 

Choosing Pillows And Pillow Cases

If your goal is to create the ideal Kawaii bedroom, then you’re going to want to load up your bed with as many pillows and soft things as possible. 

Most Kawaii designs mix and match pillows.

If your bed is full-sized or larger, you may have two matching master pillows at the head of the bed. But beyond that, the other pillows can all be different. Just be sure they fit your palette and stick with the “cute” theme of the aesthetic.

The Perfect Kawaii Bedroom

5. Decorate Your Walls With More Cute Stuff

Use banners, posters, printouts, pictures, and anything else you might want or like to decorate your walls. 

Colors And Themes For Kawaii Bedroom Wall Decorations

Make sure to stick with bright, soft, and cute color themes.


Super-serious, violent, or dark-themed images don’t really have a place in the Kawaii aesthetic unless you find a way to incorporate them tastefully. 

For best results. stick to innocent themes that are happy, fun, pretty, and fluffy

Reference Popular Kawaii Themes

To really make your room POP with that Kawaii look, make sure to reference some of the cutest Kawaii anime shows in your decor. 

Posters that feature characters and scenes from shows like: 

  • Non-Non Biyori
  • Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
  • Pokemon
  • Hello Kitty 

are excellent places to start. Though, you should always decorate using your favorite Kawaii-styled artwork. 

Sourcing Your Kawaii Artwork

Some people shop for wall art online. Some create it themselves. Others simply print out their favorite images and either hang them as they are or put them in cute frames to make them look a bit more polished.

In any case, the key here is to use your own personal tastes and style to make this your room. 

So feel free to express yourself by buying, printing, or creating things that reflect your own Kawaii bedroom tastes and preferences. 


Hopefully, this gives you an awesome starting point for creating an undeniably adorable Kawaii bedroom.

Just remember, cute is the name of the game. If it’s not cute, it’s definitely not Kawaii!

If you’re not sure where to start or struggle with design work in general, consider looking up some Kawaii Pinterest boards for inspiration. Then, jump in and get started.

It isn’t always easy to figure out how to create an aesthetic at first. Sometimes it takes practice, and a bit of trial and error to get it just right. 

But one thing is for sure:

If you stick with it, you’ll soon be nailing the Kawaii look to such a degree that your friends may ask you to transform their normal bedroom to a Kawaii bedroom. Visit the rest of the site for more articles in the home-improvement section.

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5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Kawaii Bedroom

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