How to Design the Perfect Garage

How to Design the Perfect Garage

More than 60% of American households have a garage installed. While it’s a staple of most homes, it can be far more than just a place to put your car and tools.

With a little bit of work, you can transform your garage into something of a haven for you and your car. With the right flooring, security systems, and lightning, your perfect garage can finally become a reality.

But how do you design your perfect garage?

That’s what we’ll be answering today. In this article, we’re discussing the questions you should ask before renovating your garage while giving out top tips for how to do so.

Questions to Ask When Designing a Garage

Before you renovate your garage, it’s important to get a full scope of what you’re looking for. To do this, you need to ask yourself some basic questions:

How Many Cars Do You Own?

The number of cars you intend to keep in your garage will affect everything else about the renovation. If you have two or even three cars, you’ll have limited space to put everything else you might want to keep in there.

How Long Do You Intend to Own Your Home?

The materials you renovate with should reflect how long you intend to use your garage. If you want to keep your home and garage for years to come, that means you have to invest in high-quality products.

Do You Have Tools and Accessories?

Many homeowners like to store their tools and accessories in the garage. If you already own some hardware, make sure you’ve got enough to store it in there.

What’s Your Budget?

Finally, you need to pinpoint your spending. You don’t want to break your bank over your garage, but understanding will compromise its quality as well.

Tips for the Perfect Garage

When building your perfect garage, you can go in all kinds of directions. Here are a few tips to help guide your decisions and to help you build the right garage for your home:


Like we mentioned, garages store your tools and hardware in addition to cars. Implementing proper organizational solutions like shelves, drawers, and boxes will help you achieve a clutter-free garage.

Proper Lighting

Assuming you like to do some DIY projects in the garage, proper lighting is essential. Task lights will help you see better, and it’ll just make the garage look more organized.


Most people neglect their garage flooring, but it’s an element that should never go unnoticed. Epoxy is a popular choice for floor coatings, but you should consider other options as well. Garage Force is stronger than epoxy and provides a better coating for your garage.

Security System

Your garage stores your car and other expensive hardware and items. It might even provide an entrance to your home. This means you have to keep it as secure as possible. Install cameras, keypads, and proper locks to make sure intruders are completely locked out of your garage.

Renovating the Perfect Garage

Your garage can be much more than just a storage space. Use this article to make the space your own and create the perfect garage for you.

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How to Design the Perfect Garage

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