How to Effectively Maintain a Pool

How to Maintain a Pool

When it comes to maintaining swimming pools, aquariums, ponds, or other bodies of water, there is a lot that goes into it like installing pool cover or pool enclosure could come into play. Here are some of the best ways to effectively maintain a pool.

Pool Chemistry

Believe it or not, there is some chemistry involved in maintaining a pool. For instance, did you know that phosphate (PO4) removal is an important part of upkeep? Did you know that you can remove phosphate with specific rare earth salts? And that’s only the beginning! But don’t get discouraged, basic pool chemistry is actually pretty straightforward. Here are some of the main parts to remember:

  • Alkalinity – alkaline serves as a pH buffer and can help to avoid any spikes in acidity.  Usually, a pool has an ideal range somewhere around 100-150 parts per million. This ppm can be achieved by using baking soda when you need to increase its level of alkaline.
  • pH levels – related to the point above, you’ll want to be very aware of your pool’s pH levels. pH is the measure of how basic or acidic your pool is. High levels of pH mean it’s basic, and low levels of pH mean it’s acidic. Typically, you’ll want to keep a pool between 7.4 and 7.6 as far as pH levels are concerned.
  • Sanitizer – Last, you will have certain chemicals in your pool to help keep it sanitized. While sanitation is a good thing, you’ll also want to be careful you keep proper levels in there – especially if you’re wanting to get in it. Depending on the type of sanitizer you are using (i.e. bromine, chlorine, etc.) the appropriate level will differ.

Pool Cleaning

Aside from chemical sanitizers, there are still other things you should do to maintain and clean your pool. You’ll typically need some tools like a pool vacuum, pool brush and net skimmer to keep things in ship shape. Wind, storms and rain can bring in leaves, dirt, bugs, and sticks while humans can bring in shampoos, perfumes, and other products. You should plan on cleaning out your pool using the skimmer, brush and vacuum at least once a week.

If you have the means, you can also opt for an automatic pool cleaner to help reduce the time you spend cleaning each week. It won’t completely replace the above tools, but it can help to speed it up quite a bit. This allows you more time in the pool enjoying it than outside maintaining it.

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How to Effectively Maintain a Pool

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