How to Encourage the Prevention of Accidents in the Workplace

Prevention of Accidents

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 2.8 injury cases per 100 full-time workers. Workplace accidents can happen a lot easier than you may think.

There are varying types of injuries such as carpal tunnel from repeated typing to falls and injuries on a plant floor. Injuries can happen to all employees in various work environments.

Looking for ways to help prevent injuries? Here are some steps for the prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Proper Dress Code

It’s important to wear protective equipment while you are working at all times. This equipment is here to protect you. Be sure you also dress appropriately for the weather.

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) significantly reduces your risk of injury. Hard hats, safety goggles, earplugs, gloves, safety shoes, and air-purifying respirators are examples of PPE.


If you see any safety hazards, it’s important you notify supervisors immediately. Get involved with safety planning and speak up. Make sure other employees are aware of any risky conditions and set a safety standard.

If you suffer any workplace injuries (no matter how small), you should always report them. More serious injuries may require more attention, so click here if you have a serious injury and need help from a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Know Your Hazards

It’s important that you are aware of your surroundings at all times. Look around and identify anything that could be harmful. Then look for ways you can eliminate and reduce these hazards. Find ways to implement these procedures.

You can use a Job Hazard Safety Analysis Tool to help you find hazards with all types of jobs.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Make sure you keep your workspace clear and orderly. Poor cleaning and organization can cause safety and health hazards. It’s important for the workplace layout to be free of debris and have adequate routes.

Make sure you inspect any vehicles before use. And, drive safely!

Take breaks and move around throughout the day. You should stand and move around during these small breaks, which can make a big difference in lowering your risk for a static position for long periods of time.

Be sure you pay attention to and follow workplace ergonomics. This means keeping your monitor about an arm’s length away and keeping your wrists straight below elbow level. Make sure your chair is the right height so your knees are level with your hips.

Lift Properly

If you have a position with regular lifting, make sure you follow the safety protocol. Always lift from your position of power and keep the load close. Use a staggered stance and do not twist.

This can help reduce strains in your back and keep you safe while moving and lifting.

Be an Active Listener

Makes sure you listen and participate in training drills. This helps prepare you for an emergency. If an emergency happens, you will know what to do.

Be sure to follow OSHA regulations. These practices are in place to keep everyone safe and prevent workplace accidents.

Encourage the Prevention of Accidents

By reporting hazardous conditions, knowing what to look for, listening to the training, and creating a safe work environment, you can help with the prevention of accidents. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, you should always address it with your supervisor. Make sure you are paying attention and alert at all times.

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How to Encourage the Prevention of Accidents in the Workplace

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