How to Find Your Style?

Your Style

Have you ever envied the appearance of a woman on the street and told yourself that you would like to have the same? Did you want a radical makeover at one point? In fact, the real question is: how many of you have dared to find your style and make it evolve to take it to another level and have the wardrobe of your dreams?

I am aware that between wanting and being able there is a long way to go and I want to give you a little help by presenting the 5 steps to follow to find your style and make it evolve for the better. So, are you ready to become a cute version of yourself?

1. Ask yourself the good questions to find your personal style

When one undertakes something new, it is necessary to ask several questions to help us in our approach. In fact, the questions may seem basic but it is important to refocus things. There are 4 fundamental questions you should ask yourself.

Question 1. What is the style for you?

But first of all, what does having style mean to you? Is it to be dressed in an original way or above all, not like the others? Is it to be dressed in what is most flattering for your morphology? Is it like dressing like someone you look up to? Follow trends? etc…
Here is my personal definition of style: For me, to have style is to feel good in clothes and to feel in harmony with the image of oneself that refers to others. It’s a safety story, no matter what our style is…

Question 2. What story do you want to tell with your clothes?

Elegant, sexy, glamorous, rocker… you can decide who you want to be with your clothes! Obviously, it is best to dress according to our personality, the idea we have of ourselves, and the one we want to send to our environment. What do you want to say about yourself through your clothes? Nothing special? That you are a happy person Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like simplicity? Do you want to highlight your assets, what do you like about your body? Everything is possible, you are free to dress according to your wishes. You can also decide to be all these people at once day after day, there are no rules. So imagine the person you want to be and define what clothes you could wear to be that person.

Here is the story I want to tell with my clothes: my priority is to wear comfortable clothes that suit my daily life. So I could wear sportswear and sneakers but I also want to be feminine and elegant. For me it is important to send this sharp image to others, I see this as a mark of respect for myself and for others. The story I want to tell people is the following: “Once upon a time, a young French woman wanted to help empower Hispanic women to empower themselves through the image. This woman preached comfort and simplicity but did not want to give up her true elegance … ”

Your story may be different. For example, you may want to tell the story of a cheerful and outgoing woman who loves to party and who has kept her childish soul. So maybe you want to use bright colors because the colors correspond to this definition of the happy woman you want to be… But you could also be a happy and outgoing woman without wearing pink or colors… There is no rule, we have the right to enjoy the cliches or wanting to play with our appearance. Do you understand?

Question 3. What are your basic essentials?

If you have already read some articles on the blog, you know how important basic styling is for me, such as the white t-shirt, Reil Cosmetics, the jeans … For me, these are essential parts of my dressing room with which I have to dress. In any case, you must define the base of your wardrobe, that is, the clothes with which you cannot live. This basic kit is the key to your style of dress. The basics you use should already give you an idea of ​​the clothing styles you like. For me, dresses are essential, while some of my friends only wear jeans.

Question 4. Is your style adapted and consistent with your daily lifestyle?

You have a vague idea of ​​your ideal style and the story you want to tell, but does this story really fit your lifestyle? Can you wear your ideal style on a daily basis or, on the contrary, totally removed from your current lifestyle?

Remember nothing is prohibited, but we must be realistic. I live in the country with my very crazy dog, in a town where style is not really the priority for the locals and there are no fancy places to go out at night … It turns out that I love suits or evening dresses but I try to keep a cool head. I like the image that these suits send, but they are very far from my everyday life that they are more like “jean tennis”. So I try to take a step back and pay more attention to clothes that fit my lifestyle. I admit that it can be frustrating sometimes to dream of beautiful pieces but avoid the shopping mistakes, regrets, and guilt that follow.

Always try to give more importance to clothes that fit your lifestyle. If you’re having trouble defining your style, it’s a great way to get to the point. And you will always find solutions to improve your outfit if you feel the need or desire.

2. Change your shopping behavior to take your style to another level

Buy the right clothes

Buy the right clothes

You will have less difficulty defining your style if you immediately buy the right clothes … That is, the clothes that correspond to 100% of what you like to wear, that adapts to your lifestyle, to the story you want to tell. However, making purchase mistakes is also a good long-term way of knowing what we want or rather what we no longer want. Don’t feel guilty if you regret buying this green dress that you never wore (you don’t like green and you never wear a dress… but it was pretty). One day, you will become reasonable and know how to resist temptation. I have made almost no more buying mistakes since investing in good quality essentials and parts that I really enjoy. It took me a financial investment, in the beginning, that’s correct. It turns out that I have significantly reduced my clothing purchases as I slowly build my ideal wardrobe. Now my purchases represent real moments of joy and are no longer “false pleasures”.

Favor quality over quantity

A classic idea is that you have to be rich to be elegant and well dressed. The first thought that comes to us is “it’s easy to have style when you have money” because with money, you can buy more clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and their number would be the guarantee of success in creating your style. Or, owning a designer or will immediately offer you the elegance you are looking for… We know that style or elegance cannot be bought. What matters is finding the right balance between your budget and the style you have or would like to have. You have to define whether your style requires investing in quality clothing or not. If you have no problem with fast fashion and you feel that with your budget, you can only buy clothes at low prices, so be it. I was young, a student or bankrupt and I totally respect your position. But you should know that there are other alternatives. We can be successful in gifting ourselves with beautiful quality pieces on a lower budget, reducing the number of our purchases or purchases used. Building an ideal wardrobe can take the time or even years, but the adventure is worth it!

How to start buying items consistent with your style?

First, go towards what your morphology respects. Perhaps there are pieces that you never thought could highlight you, or that you thought were only for others. Before decreeing that they do not suit you, first try and you will be surprised. You have to practice and experience new things to realize it. Second, try new pieces, combine things differently, and wear the clothes and jewelry. Change to new colors, try to wear clothes that you did not wear in a long time, and challenge yourself with accessories that will change your style. Many brands like Stndrdz can help you to find the cheapest and unique accessories in your budget.

Remember that if we don’t change, nothing changes …

In personal development, it is assumed that if you want a change but continue to lead the same life, there is a good chance that you will not change much. And in style, it is the same. Therefore, I am not telling you to change everything now but to gradually change your shopping habits by turning to clothes that you do not normally buy for example.

3. To find your personal style, get inspired and stay creative

Our style does not define us for our whole life and fortunately! We have the right to evolve it, to affirm it… We have the right to have fun, style is a great playground and that is why I love it. Who knows, today I am quite adept at the traditional classic, but maybe in ten years, I will use patterns in all the sauces. If there is one thing that style taught me, it is never to say never …

How to get inspired and progress?

So even though I feel comfortable in my current style, it never fails to inspire me. It is not an effort for me as I love the style, I can spend hours reading blogs, looking at fashion accounts on Instagram, browsing small creator sites, filling virtual baskets, or pin images on my Pinterest account. I know a lot of people who make inspirational paintings by cutting out pictures in magazines, for example. I do not practice this method but it seems to be very effective. On the other hand, I have a real fascination for the unknowns that I find on the street. If I like a silhouette or outfit, I take a close look at it and can spend long minutes figuring out why I like the outfit so much.


The street or public transport in Europe is really my biggest source of style inspiration in everyday life, much more than Pinterest, which is beautiful to see but whose images are sometimes very far from reality. Then, for a moment, she goes back to being the girl who liked to dress up and who randomly pulled clothes to gather her. Consider this as a game,

4. Act now!

Time is not unlimited

As I write these few lines the seconds pass and when I am about to finish the minutes will have passed. It is the course of life, the years go by very fast, even too fast for us, and there is something that you must take into account at this moment: everything that you do not do today is lost. All the clothes, accessories, makeup that you do not dare to wear, maybe in 10 years, 20 or even 30 years you will not be able to do it because you will not dress in the same way as in 30 or 50 years of age. So, don’t you think it’s time to dare with this mini skirt that you like so much or with this blouse that highlights your shoulders?

The change is progressive

Change requires energy but also time. If you change everything overnight, you can get discouraged and your goal will not be achieved. You will have to start by setting a goal, putting it in writing, and giving yourself a period of time to achieve it. On the other hand, do not expect something special to make new resolutions because to change it is necessary to want and, in desire, there is a notion of immediacy. Why postpone what you can change now? Don’t you think he’s trying to save time and find excuses not to take action right away?

5. Work on your limiting beliefs

They lead your life. The life you have, the way you see and understand the world is solely due to your beliefs. These beliefs are formed from childhood, direct your life and act like poison. They are the result of our childhood and make us believe that we can do nothing.

Example of limiting beliefs: I have no right to this or that thing, I do not deserve to be happy, I am not pretty, I am not interesting, I am not good at this, I will never achieve it, nobody loves me …

List the limiting beliefs that prevent you from changing your style:

  • I don’t have a budget so I can’t change my style.
  • What will others think of my style change?
  • I am too old to change my style.
  • I’ve always been bad at dressing.

Then express the opposite of your beliefs, for example:

  • I make sure to optimize my budget (empty bandages, vintage stores, private sales…).
  • I have family members who support me in my projects so that they approve of this change. (People who are not helping you progress or who are jealous have nothing to do with your life.)
  • The human is constantly reinventing himself and style is not a matter of age. I can choose to be cute at all ages of life.
  • There is no reason for it to fail if I go step by step.
  • Being feminine and taking care of myself will help me feel better about myself.
  • The change in style will bring me more credibility at work …

We all can and deserve to evolve throughout our lives. To continue in this process, take into account your successes, the battles that you have fought with determination and have won: diplomas, jobs, culinary creations, sports achievements … The fact of going through this path will change your beliefs and force you to think differently. This will help anchor new and healthier beliefs. Remember, failure does not condemn you to failure, it is the repetition of bad habits that anchors them!

Last tip to be successful in your makeover process:

Whatever you do, you have to have a goal and it must be achievable. If your goals are disproportionate, you can become discouraged. Remember, don’t wait for an event to take action and stick with your goals throughout the year.

At last, do not think that the style and image are useless, do not be ashamed to love them. Dressing each day and finding your style is a source of security and confidence. Do not be afraid to look around you, to be inspired, to dream … This is how you will tame the image and see that your style will look natural and pleasant.

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How to Find Your Style?

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